Science Seasons Project

By: Cameron Thompson

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The northern hemisphere experiences its Summer solstice on June 21st, Winter solstice on Dec 21st, March 21st for the Spring equinox, Sept 21st for fall equinox. The southern hemisphere is experiencing the Summer solstice on Dec 21st, Winter solstice on June 21st, spring equinox on Sept 21st, and fall equinox on March 21st.

Were Solstices/Equinoxes happen.

Top Earth On Top half =Fall equinox.

Top Earth on bottom half=Spring equinox.

Bottom Earth top half=Spring Equinox.

Bottom Earth bottom half=Fall equinox.

Left Earth Top half=Summer solstice.

Left Earth bottom half=Winter solstice.

Right Earth Top half=Winter solstice.

Right Earth bottom half=Summer solstice.