The Human Body

By: Mary Ziegler


I will be talking about the human body and it'd functions and there is some amazing things about the body. You might think that some of these facts of the body will surprise you and blow your mind away Enjoy!

The Circulatory System

The Circulatory System is very important because the blood takes away cell waste and carries food to the cells so they have energy. The artery carries the blood away to other parts of your body. The smallest artery is called a capillary it is as small as ONE hair and the capillary takes blood away from the cells and takes blood back to the heart. Veins take blood away from the blood cells and bring it back to the heart.

What does the the circulatory system work with?

The circulatory system works with two different systems. One system its the digestive system and it works by... the digestive system breaks down the food and then the circulatory system takes the nutrients and so the blood can circulate it around the body.

The second system is the respiratory system and it works by the lungs breath in oxygen s the blood can circulate.

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The Respiratory System

The respiratory system helps you breath in oxygen and the oxygen goes to other parts of your body. The lungs inside you are what help you breath and exhales out air. The lungs breath in a chemical called oxygen and the the chemical that you breath out is called carbon dioxide. carbon dioxide is also waste it's not that good for you.

What Works With The Respiratory System?

The circulatory system works with the respiratory system and it works by the circulatory system moves around the oxygen around the body.
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The Digestive System

The digestive system works with what you eat. It helps with many different ways like it takes the nutrients out of all the healthy foods we eat, it breaks up the food to where you will go potty. It does so many different things. The digestive system starts by breaking down the food by the teeth then the esophagus (which is part of your throat) swallows the food/drink and goes down to your stomach. then the stomach turns the food into a soupy paste called chime. Then the food travels to the small intestine, then the small intestine absorbs the nutrients and puts it into the blood, Then the large intestine takes out the water from the waste after the water is out of the waste is gone the rectum takes waste out of the body

What does the digestive system work with?

The digestive system is known for working with the circulatory system. And the answer is in the paragraph above if you read closely and it said the blood from the circulatory system takes the nutrients from the healthy foods and puts it in the blood stream.

The End

Well that's all I have for now come back when I have some more facts about the body. Well if these facts blew your mind away that's good and that's not all about are bodies.


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