Bridger READY

Please Read As a Family

Principal Message

After over a year of not seeing our Wildcat scholars, it’s finally time to bring more of you back into the building for our Hybrid/Distance learning model!

This week teachers are working hard to set up their classrooms, plan lessons and complete trainings to welcome back our students.

Below you will find protocols for Hybrid and safety review for you and your family.

We have also included new information that you will need to know in addition to the COVID safety standards, what work has been done and ongoing work to try and ensure safety of our community at Bridger and Holladay Annex.

For families who have chosen to continue with CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning), please be on the lookout for messages from your teachers about any changes in your schedules.

Here we go Wildcats!

K-5 Schedule

Here is Bridger's and Holladay Annex's schedule.

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Students Riding Bus: Students will be checked for symptoms before getting on bus. Staff will meet bus and walk students in to their classes.

Arrival at Bridger:
Please review what door your child will be entering based on their teacher. We encourage families to park a block away from school and walk student to get their symptoms check. After student is approved to enter building, adults may leave.

Arrival at Holladay Annex: All families bring students to front door and after students get their symptoms check, adults may leave.

If you arrive after class session starts you need to go to the main entrance and ring bell so that staff can come to door and do symptom check.

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Students Riding Bus: Students will pick up breakfast/lunch and be escorted to the bus.

Dismissal at Bridger: Each class will line up on old basket ball court and wait for families to pick up. Families picking up, please keep 6 feet distance. Families can pick up breakfast/lunch to take home from cafeteria door. ALL Families will exit playground through parking lot or field.

Dismissal at Holladay Annex: As families arrive, students will be called from classroom, pick up breakfast/lunch and leave.

It is important that families do not linger on Bridger or Holladay Annex Property.

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Transportation Routes - will be available soon, but it is not ready yet.

You must let Cheryl Robert know if you want to ride the school bus so that a seat can be assigned to your child.

For more in depth information: Transportation Standard Operating Procedures

Food Distribution

Food Distribution will be available for all children ages 1 to 18 years old on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.



Food can also be picked up at Franklen High School, if Bridger's time does not work for you.


Each student will have a card with their name and teacher's name. Students will place their card in the pocket outside of the restroom. Each restroom has only enough pockets for the capacity for that bathroom to ensure social distancing in the restrooms. If all pockets are full students will wait on the dots outside the restroom until space is available.


Movement is very important and we will be ensuring students have a movement break each day. We are working with Playworks to learn new games and activities.


While we appreciate parent and community offers to volunteer, we cannot support volunteers at this time.

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Bridger Safety Committee Walk-thru

On Friday, 3/19/21, safety committees at Bridger and Holladay Annex did a walk through of each building using this checklist. Items that we have questions about are asked of facilities and/or work orders are put in to be fixed.

Holladay Annex Safety Committee Walk-Thru

On Friday, 3/19/21, safety committees at Bridger and Holladay Annex did a walk through of each building using this checklist. Items that we have questions about are asked of facilities and/or work orders are put in to be fixed.

Portland Public Schools has created numerous safety protocols to help meet the health and safety requirements set forth by federal, state, county health and other safety guidelines including, Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Health Authority, and Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Our COVID-19 Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are sets of detailed instructions compiled by PPS central office staff to ensure that all necessary and required health and safety precautions are in place in each building. SOPs aim to achieve consistency, efficiency, and universal safety protocols across the district.

Spring Break and Travel Plans: Families may have traveled over Spring Break. We are asking families to please be conscientious of possible Covid-19 exposure as we begin to reenter schools. The CDC recommends a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel, even with a negative test.


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Face Masks

Face masks should be worn both indoors and outdoors, including during outdoor recess. Group mask breaks” or “full classroom mask breaks” are not allowed. Individual “face mask breaks’’ are allowed but only intended for a single student for a very limited time (3 - 5 minutes) to support student learning.

For more in depth information, please read:

PPS Standand Operationing Procedures

Washing Hands

Handwashing will occur each day upon entry to school and throughout the day. If soap and any temperature of water are not readily available, hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol can be used (for staff and older children who can safely use hand sanitizer).

Symptom Space

This space is different than our health room. If student or staff have visual symptoms, our school nurse assistant will facilitate a rapid Covid 19 test if a consent form is on record. Families will be called to pick your child.


Asbestos in our buildings because of their age. PPS maintains asbestos assessments and management plans for all locations in compliance with EPA’s Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act (AHERA). Any questions that our safety committee may come across will be reviewed with the Facilities department and our head custodian. Generally, it is not required to be removed as per the AHERA, but it is required to be managed and protected from disruption.

Cleaning and disinfection

We know that both families and staff have questions about cleaning and disinfection of the school and materials. It is our top priority to maintain the health and safety of our students and our custodial staff will be following cleaning expectation guidelines that have been created specifically for the hybrid learning environment. Here is a summary of what will be cleaned/disinfected each day:


  • K-5th classrooms: disinfect between cohorts with a focus on desks and other high touch areas.

  • 6th-12th classrooms will be disinfected by students at class dismissal under the supervision of instructional staff.

  • All classrooms will be disinfected and supplies restocked at the end of each day.


  • Refill and disinfect paper towel, soap, and toilet tissue dispensers daily and when reported as empty during the day

  • Disinfect touch points on sinks, fountains, toilets, doors, and other frequently touched surfaces one to two times per shift

Entryways & High Traffic Areas:

  • Ensure hand sanitizer stations are located near the main entrance. All cleaning supplies will be restocked throughout the day as needed by Custodial staff.

  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces (drinking fountains, door knobs/handles, light switches, etc) one to two times per shift and the end of each day.

water quality

As we return to the building for in person instruction we want to be very mindful of high touch areas to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. Therefore, students will not be using water fountains in the building. However, Bridger has 6 water bottle filling stations that students and staff can use to refill their water bottles. All of these bottle stations are new fixtures that have been tested for lead and have been marked with a green sign indicating they are safe for drinking. It will be very important that families send students with a filled water bottle each day to school.

Each bathroom at both Bridger and Holladay Annex have water and soap for hand washing. In addition, many PPS buildings (including Bridger) have some older style faucets that require the user to hold down (or twist) the handle for the water to run. Although this style is preferred for sustainability purposes, it is not ideal for the current environment. PPS maintenance staff is in the process of replacing this style of faucet however all faucets will not be replaced before hybrid begins. This is a long term project, and there is not a timeline to complete this work yet. Please know: there is no requirement or standard that states these faucets are inadequate for proper handwashing and they are not required to be replaced prior to returning to the buildings.


Over the past year PPS had a Certified Industrial Hygienist examine the ventilation system. If repairs were needed they were made and PPS will continue quarterly ventilation system assessments. For hybrid learning we will have HEPA Air Purifiers for every room or space where students are designated to meet with educators. Additional information about ventilation can be found here.