2V Class News

Week 5 Term 2

In our classroom...

Miss Vernon Absent

Apologies to all for me being away sick for most of this week. I have been battling this returning flu all term and it seems I still cannot shake it. I am however feeling much better after sleeping for a few days.

Public Speaking

Students have done a great job in class presenting both their first attempt and marked speeches. I have been really impressed by the way they have taken on board the feedback given to them by myself and their peers last week and come back with an improved effort! The remaining students will present their speeches tomorrow, before we announce who will be heading in to our stage one SPEAK OFF!

Our Learning

Mathematics has switched from addition to its friend subtraction. We have discussed the many different words used to convey subtraction. We have also used varying strategies to solve subtraction problems to demonstrate the relationship between addition and subtraction to increase our mental computation time. For example, knowing that 4 + 4 = 8 means that 8 - 4 must = 4. Ask your child if they remember any more strategies that can help them solve subtraction!


Thank you to our class of remarkably well organised young individuals who continue to bring their books regardless of the changes in schedule! Please note, I only request students to return their books, completed or incomplete so I can monitor their progress. Bringing books will assist those who find it difficult to work at home to establish a routine. Reading at home is definitely assisting the fluency of many of our learners and I am excited to see some reading logs reaching up to 100 nights!

Next Week

Next week is a busy week! Please know that even if I am not on class, I am still contactable for anything in person when possible, via email or phoning the school. As these are planned days of absence, the class will continue learning from our 2V program.

Monday - Coding

- Whole school assembly 230pm under the cola

Tuesday - Sporting Schools Basketball skills

- Whole staff planning day, Ms Boyd on class

Wednesday - Miss Vernon at PL ' Mindfulness', Mrs Bartlett on class

- Dental Hygiene talk

Thursday - Library Day

Friday - Miss Vernon at L3 Training 12pm - 3pm, Mrs Potter on class