The Script

Self-Made Stars & Soulful Musicians

My favorite artist/band is an international band called The Script. In 2001, the three members originating from Ireland created a pop rock band, The Script, for which they continue to produce songs.

Meet the Members

Their Journey

Humble Beginnings

Their origins in music started when Danny and Mark joined a boy band called “Mytown” that formed in 1996. This was when they were only 12 years old and still living in Dublin, Ireland. The two began a songwriting and production partnership and became relatively successful. After seeing their work, Danny and Mark were invited to Canada to collaborate as producers with artists such as Dallas Austin, Montell Jordan, the Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins and Teddy Riley. After a few years, the company dropped them, but they remained in Los Angeles to produce songs for Britney Spears, Boyz II Men and TLC. Decided They then moved back to Dublin and recruited Glen Power for their band now formally named “The Script”.

Making Music

In collaboration, the three produced at least three songs every week. In 2005, they signed with Phonogenic and released an EP on Last.FM. During this time, Danny also worked as a coach on The Voice UK. The first album named “The Script” was released on August 2008 and debuted at the #1 position on UK’s charts and retained the spot for 11 weeks. One hit single on this album was “Breakeven” which was certified platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and sold over one million copies. Their other albums include “Science & Faith” in 2010, “#3” in 2012 and “No Sound Without Silence” in 2014. While touring for these albums the band continues to produce and record songs while on the road.
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Hall of Fame

This song, “Hall of Fame” was the lead single in the #3 album. It features from the hit band “The Balck-Eyed Peas”, who Danny knew from The Voice. When first introducing him to the song, Will asked to have the song for his new album. Danny did not agree, but suggested a feature in the song, a offer which Will accepted. At the time of recording, the band experienced some issues with the hit rapper. He would either show up late to the scheduled times or never show up. It it was rough to begin, the song was eventually recorded in a hotel room in 15 minutes. The lyrics, an important asset to the song, were written by Danny. Although the band members are very different, they had the common goal of portraying inspiration through their music. With this song, they wanted to advocate for achieving goals because one is passionate about it instead of just for the fame. The song shows this message through lyrics such as “be students, be teachers, be politicians, be preachers. be believers, be leaders, be astronauts, be champions, be truth seekers”. It therefore shows that other occupations are just as valuable if one works hard at that occupation.
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The Script - Hall of Fame ft.
"Hall of Fame" is the band’s most successful song to date. It was certified platinum multiple times in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the US. It was #1 in some countries, but charted in over 30 worldwide. After this hit, the band won “World’s Best Group” at The World Music Awards. This is my favorite song because it talks about goals, hard work and commitment. It helps me get motivated when I start to procrastinate and lose focus. The band has many other songs with similar, but important messages. I would definitely recommend "The Script" to others who like relaxing yet inspiring music.


Starting of in Dublin, Ireland the partnership duo turned into a successful band of three. By writing, producing and singing in their own music, they are now internationally recognized. Their music is calming, but also makes you think about essential topics such as self-motivation, the grief after death and even suicide. The band's coming to fame story and their work is truly inspiring and I truly enjoy listening to their music.

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