Red Hot Shelby Pepper

Shelby Brookshire


I dedicate this soundtrack to my friends and family; without them, the memories I have when these songs play would be nonexistent. This soundtrack reminds me of both the good and bad times and the people that made those experiences special. I also dedicate this soundtrack to the great artists that have influenced my upbringing with their wonderful music.


Bowling for Soup-3:13

This song can brighten my day just by screaming all the words.

Bowling For Soup - 1985


Young Money featuring LLoyd-4:48

Not only do I know all the words and feel like a thug when I sing it, but I also have a great memory with my dad.

Young Money - Bed Rock

Our Song

Taylor Swift-3:22

It was really hard to pick just one Taylor Swift song but I chose this one because my friend and I made up a stupid dance to it.

Taylor Swift - Our Song

Meet Virginia


I share the love of this song and band with my sister. We also went to their concert, which was fabulous. And considering I named a horse after their song Drops of Jupiter, you could say I am a little obsessed with Train.

Train - Meet Virginia


Hillsong United-4:09

This song brings me back to my mission trip to Costa Rica because this kind of was the anthem for our trip. I also really identify with these lyrics and I feel that they have inspired me to further my mission work.

Hillsong UNITED Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Lyric Video

Fall for You

Secondhand Serenade-3:05

I love the meaning of this song and how hard I sing to it. Maybe one day I will actually have a reason for singing so hard to this song. Otherwise, I will continue to enjoy this song for no particular reason.

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

Life of the Party

Shawn Mendes-3:34

Every time I hear this song I think of the great trip I took to Charleston last summer with my girlfriends.

Shawn Mendes - Life Of The Party (Lyric Video)

Wagon Wheel

Old Crow Medicine Show-3:52

This is just an old classic that reminds me of my roots.

Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel [Official Music Video]

I Miss You

Miley Cyrus-3:58

This is a sad song for me because this is the song I listened to repeatedly when my Grandpa died.



Jason Derulo-3:43

This has special meaning but also a jam song with friends.

Jason Derulo - Encore (with lyrics) HD


My Chemical Romance-2:41

I used to listen to this song before I was a teenager and I thought I was so cool. Now that I am a teenager I still love this song, just for different reasons.

My Chemical Romance - "Teenagers" [Official Music Video]

Mr. Brightside

The Killers-3:42

This is like my go to sing in the shower song and a lot of great people I know have the same love for the song.

The Killers - Mr. Brightside

Don't Stop Believin'


First off this song reminds me of my amazing parents because their second date was to a Journey concert but this song also is a song that everyone can scream all the words to at a dance.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Audio)

Follow Your Arrow

Kacey Musgraves-3:21

Kacey Musgraves is a wonderful and clever artist, that always speaks the truth. I really enjoy her songs and this one in particular. I like the motto of follow you arrow wherever it points.

Kacey Musgraves - Follow Your Arrow