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All You Need To Know About KC Tan!

Bio Sheet

Business Information

Business Name: WebSprout Academy Pte Ltd

Profession: Information Marketing Coach

Years in Business: 7 years

Previous types of jobs: Software QA Engineer at DSTA.

Personal Information

My hobbies include Badminton, Chi Running, Listening to inspiring / motivational music, watching inspiring movies and reading self-development books.


My burning desire is to help people monetize their knowledge because I believe every one of us has something worth sharing!

Something no one knows about me: KC take short naps every day after lunch and this is the reason why he tends to miss calls during lunch hour.

My key to success is: Always do what you say, with consistency and integrity.

Find out more about KC at: http://kctan.asia


Business Goals

Short term (by end of 2015): Help 8 Trainers / Speakers / Coaches to turn their training into online courses and eBooks!


1. Enrolled more than 4,000 students online within 6 months (link here).

2. Conducting training for:

· National University of Singapore (NUSS)

· Singapore Business Federation (SBF)

· Singapore Manufacturers Federation (SMF)

· Social Enterprise Association (SEA)

· Singapore Polytechnic (Adjunct Lecturer)

3. Certified Google Analytics Professional (Individual Qualification).

4. Self-Published Author at Amazon (link here)


· Reading self-development and health related books.

· Listening to instrumental music from Kevin Kern and William Joseph.

· Badminton

· CHI Running

Networks (Besides BNI)

· WebSprout Academy Networking Group (Offline).

· Networking for Introverts (Offline)

· Kindle Authors Publishing Network (Online).


· Training and Public Speaking.

· Self-Publishing.

· eCommerce.

· Web Analytics.

· Web Designing Skills.

· Listening Skills.

Contact Sphere

1. Corporate Trainer.

2. Corporate Speaker.

3. Seminar Marketing Company.

4. Voice Coach.

5. Life Coach.

6. Business Coach.

7. Event Planner.

8. Tutor.

9. Leadership Trainer.


1. Corporate Trainer.

2. Corporate Speaker.

3. Seminar Marketing Company.

Last 10 Customer List (Updated Apr 2015)

  1. Feng Shui Master.
  2. Copywriter.
  3. Email Marketing Specialist.
  4. Business Networking Speaker.
  5. Real Estate Agent.
  6. Internet Marketer.
  7. University Alumni.
  8. Business Association.
  9. Forex Trading Trainer.
  10. Marine Servicing and Testing Company.

KC Tan

A proud member of BNI Singapore Prestige Chapter Member.

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