The Need To Weed

FRIT 7332 Collection Evaluation and Weeding K.Prentice

Content Focus and Justification

From the informational content section of my school's library media center I have selected books from the 301-325 section of Social Sciences to weed. Based on the context of this section, students are not automatically drawn to checking out books related to this topic. The books in this area are related to some elementary school standards, however, the checkout rate is low for these books.

Evaluation: Use of Data

In this Social Science sections there were 55 books shelved together. In the 301-325 section, there were 46 books. On the day I did my weeding, six books were checked out, all by the same teacher. The books that were checked out were two books about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, three books titled: Local Government, National Government, State Government all by Ermestine Giesecke, and one book entitled Vote!, in which we have two copies.

When I generated reports from your automation system the book that was most checked out (27 times) was The Brave Escape of Ellen and William Craft. After further exploring the book, I found that this book is a “graphic novel”; in which our media specialist keeps on a highlighted area of the library due the higher interest amount our student population. This book is an AR book (which students tend to check out more) and it is on the level of 3.6 which is an average book for 3-5 graders to select.

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Evaluation: Curricular Needs

Seeing that the most popular booked checked out in this section was a graph novel, I suggest that our media center try to get more graphic novels related to explain the importance of Americans sharing certain central democratic beliefs and principles, both personal and civic. In addition, books that explain the responsibilities of a citizen citizen’s rights are protected under the U.S. Constitution. Another area where there is limited interests is about how life changed in America at the turn of the century. By having books that are on the student’s level and grab their interest, perhaps books that describe the reasons people emigrated to the United States, from where they emigrated, and where they settled, would help meet the needs of the students.

Weeding List


Based on the MCSD policy, in order to keep the media center collections organized and updated, materials that are out-of-date, severely worn or damaged or no longer useful in the school curriculum program should be continuously and responsibly pulled from the shelves and consequently withdrawn from the resource collection. By looking at the books in the Social Science section, and using strategies found in articles such as Dickinson: Crying Over Spilled Milk, I evaluated the books that no longer are useful in our media center. There is not a surplus of certain materials in the school library media center, however the books are old, and not being checked out. Even though these specific kinds of materials support an individual school curriculum, the levels of the books are not in the correct range for our students and should be disposed.

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