Help From Nature!

A way to find solutions to human challenges by testing nature and it's strategies over a long period of time.

Using Whales Flippers For Efficient Wind Power (WHALEPOWER CORPORATION)

There has been a new way to generate wind power and it all begins with a whale. They have found that whale flippers are the reason why whales can swim so fast in the water. It is their bumpy flippers are the reason why it can move so fast in the water. Prototypes have been made and attached to wind turbines to improve the efficiency of wind power.

Learning From Dolphins How To Warn People About Tsunamis (EvoLogics)

As already know, tsunamis are very dangerous and hard to detect. However, dolphins are helping us be able to detect tsunamis. Dolphins are able to receive several frequencies of pressure waves from 15 miles away. A company named EvoLogics created underwater electronics which copy communication between dolphins that help us with tsunami warnings.

Healing Ourselves With The Help of Chimpanzees

Most of our medicines are created using plants. By watching how chimpanzees heal themselves we have learned a lot. They have found a chemical that could possibly treat parasites in the human body. Watching chimpanzees helps us search for medical plants easier.
What is Biomimicry?