Ways to stop a cyberbully


If you don't know what a cyberbully is, they are people that bully ONLINE. Online is the key word here. They take it to a whole new level. It doesn't take place on the playground or in an empty hall. It takes place in some people's least favorite place. THE INTERNET. Dun dun DUN! Read on to know more.

Tips on how to NOT be a cyberbully

  • Before you post, think. Would you want to read that about yourself?
  • Don't spread gossip
  • Try to avoid getting involved with bullies

How to help a victim of cyberbully

  • Tell the person to stop (not always that easy)
  • Don't respond to the cyberbully
  • Don't retaliate (don't bully back)
  • Save the message (show your parents or trusted adult)
Article by Mira Haines