By: Christine LaPuma, Camila Galindo, Taylor Olson,

Origin of the Religion

Origin and finder

Confucianism originated in china by the Chinese philosopher Confucius.

Basic religious beliefs

  • Humaness
  • Benevolence

Confucianism is a philosophy about daily conduct and the ways of everyday people.

Classification of Religion

Confucianism is an ethnic religion because the rooting of traditional value.

Branches or Divisions of the religion

There are not any branches of religion in confucianism like the other Ethnic or Universalizing religions, it stayed one religion.

Geographic Distribution

How the Religion Diffused

  • Relocation Diffusion when Confucius traveled around China
  • Hierarchical Diffusion because the Duke of Zhou was impressed with his customs and begun to rule accordingly.

Holy Places

  • Home altar and village which contains the burial tomb of their ancestors
  • A temple at Confucious’ birth place Qufu
  • Taipei Temple and the Taiwan Temple which are two temples that perform rituals to Confucius twice a year
  • Confucian Temple (Wen Miao Temple) located in Shanghai

Where is it Practiced Today

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Vietnam

Number of Followers

  • 6,111,056 people or 0.09% of the world's population

Map Illustrating Distribution of Followers Below

This map shows the current Confucianism followers by country.

Impact on social and family structures:

-Confucianism places very little importance on laws, they believed that trust, defense, and sufficient food were essential components of a government
- Since Confucianism stressed family values and social interactions, local governments were based on social relationships. Confucianism also became a mandatory requirement for government officials who had to pass the civil exam that tests their knowledge of Confucianism

Impact on cultural beliefs and expectations:

Confucianism has been identified as the major cultural factor that explains the economic success of the Asian Five Dragons (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan). Confucianists are expected to follow the rules of confucianism and pass them on their children.

Ancient Ritual Ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple

Essential Question

What prevents Confucianism from spreading globally.