The importance of DNA

Why DNA is needed

DNA is important to life because it's one of the main parts to make a protein. Without proteins, your body can't survive. Transcription is where DNA sends its codons to mRNA which then comes in Translation. Translation is when mRNA and tRNA connect their codons and anti-codons with amino acids to make a protein. Proteins are the physically scene parts on your part for example your hair, eye color, or your fingernails. Protein is one of the main parts of your body. DNA carries the genetic code to make us unique.
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This is a picture of DNA. It shows the codons in color and the leading and lagging strand of double helix. DNA has the codons A, T, C, and G. A always goes with T and C always goes with G.
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This is a picture showing what happens in transcription. Transcription is when helicase unzips the leading strand and lagging strand on the DNA to add mRNA. mRNA then adds its codons A, U, C, and G. Again A goes to U and C goes to G. This will then move to the step of Translation.
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Translation is when mRNA comes and connects its codons to tRNA's anti-codons. They also connect in amino acid which then makes a protein.
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This is the final touch, our protein.
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Protein Synthesis

This is the whole process to make a protein.