The New Order and Holocaust

The New Order

The New Order or better known as Nazism was the a belief within the Nazis that they were racially superior than other groups such as the Jews. They wanted to create a Nazi an Aryan Master group of white, christian people. They believed that Eastern Europe was going to be an Aryan settlement and they were going to take out anybody inferior to get these lands.

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a German genocide of people that they felt inferior which was mostly the Jews. More than 12 million people died in the Holocaust and about half were Jewish. The Germans in fact killed 2/3 of the European Jewish population. The people that were not put to death were put in concentration camps. They were work camps in which people were inhumanly mistreated and were nearly starved to death.
Holocaust documentary

Concentration Camp: Auschwitz

Auschwitz was the biggest concentration camp used in the Holocaust. Around 3 million people died there during WW2. At Auschwitz if they were not killed by gas chambers the people in there would be put in work camps or were used in medical experiments. In 1944 the Soviets liberated the people who were being held there. Currently it is being used a Museum.
Oswiecim, Poland: Auschwitz

Essential Question

Why do you think the German people bought into the Nazism belief?

Could you think that the Holocaust could have been prevented and if so how?