Classical Conversations South OKC

Week 4

Field Trip UPDATE- Science Museum (Friday, September 23rd)

*There was some confusion over payments needed for the special class at the Science Museum. The following is clarification from Micah Douglas:

"The students participating in the class are still $15 regardless of membership status, but the parents with memberships will not have to pay for the class. So any student in the class is $15."

Here's what we'll do: Micah will have a new sign up form this coming Tuesday (Week 5). If you have a student who would like to be in the class, please sign them up and bring a check for $15/student attending. Micah has to pay for the class in 1 payment before we arrive. All payments need to be given to Micah by this Tuesday (Week 5).

If you are not wanting to attend the class, we would still love for you to meet the group at the Science Museum prior to the class. The museum opens at 9am...and I'm sure my kids will want to arrive bright and early!

Remember, the class is from 10:30-11:30am. We'll meet in the lobby by the new ticket booth/entrance at 10:15am!

Ephesians 6 Motions

7. Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men,

  • wholeheartedly- open R hand, double pat over heart
  • Lord- point up
  • men- two fingers stick out like legs and pretend to "walk"

8. because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does, whether he is slave or free.

  • know- point to head
  • good- thumbs up
  • slave- cross over wrists in front of you
  • free- break open the bonds

*For a list of all 24 verses we'll be using, see CC Connected under username "swys".

Upcoming Spirit Day- Week 6 (September 27th)

Our campus will celebrate a "Spirit Day" one day each quarter .

For our first Spirit Day (Week 6- Sep. 27th), students (and parents) are encouraged to dress up in their favorite sports team garb (jersey, t-shirt, hair bows, shorts, etc). As always, please make sure a child's choice follows our campus dress code. For example, if a jersey is made with mesh material, please make sure your student has a t-shirt on underneath it.

Extra Connection

For those families that use Story of the World at home, Brandy Ferrell at has created a match up to CC's Cycle 2 History sentences. If this is something that is of interest to you, you can find this sheet on CC Connected under her username (brandyferrell).

Also, these resources can be checked out through the OKC Metro Library System.

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