Vol 2 - March 12, 2015

Epic Fail

I have a friend who gives himself 3 tickets every year for what he calls an epic fails. Whenever he tries something new, different, risky and it doesn't go well then he tears off one of the tickets and chalks it up as an "epic fail." The idea is that his work or his life won't get stagnant or dull if he takes chances or adds adventure to his he makes sure he fails at least 3 times a year.

I gave you three tickets this morning. Between now and the end of the year, I want you to feel free to try something new, different, maybe risky. But wait there are rules... after all I did give Barzowski some tickets...

1. It can't be anything illegal or inappropriate

2. It can't break any district policies (if you aren't sure... ask me first...ha)

for example... trying to skip next week's pre-enrollment conferences would not be holding up your end of the duties according to policy... I am sure Waddell was already planning on using his tickets for that.

It maybe something you have always wanted to try in your class, but wasn't sure if it would work with your kids or it maybe something as simple as you have been wanting to take a risk eating lunch with Johnson and Harris but thought they might boot you out of the room...and they might... (the last two people who ate in there are no longer working here.)

So there you go. If we are going to survive until summer... or rather... if we are going to thrive in our jobs, we can't be afraid try something new and we definitely can't get stagnant in our jobs.

We are educators... we are innovators...

I mean how often does your boss tell you to go fail trying something. My guess is that actually you guys will have more successes than failures. I know how talented you guys are and how much potential there is in the individuals in our building.

Below you will see a link to a page to record either (1) an epic fail you had or (2) something you took a risk or tried that you otherwise might not have, and it worked... or maybe it just wasn't a fail or a success, but you at least tried it. Please share. I look forward to hearing your stories.


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Interesting Readings

The Ambush

AMBUSH - a group of Tigers

Tigers aren't normally found in the wild in groups, they are solitary animals. I think as teachers, sometimes we can get stuck being solitary animals. But we are more powerful in groups.

The Ambush is a space I hope we can be forced to come together in what I am planning on being a sort of "PD" activity. Sometimes there will be short videos, short stories, articles I think are cool or enlightening, quotes, school appropriate pictures, or just things to make you think. I hope in addition to being a learning platform, the "PD" might (or hopefully might) make you feel appreciated, motivated, or maybe just smile or laugh. There may also be a time I put something on here that is interactive or something I am wanting to try out as I am learning how to begin exploring things that might be useful when we go 1 to 1 with our students.