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MY volunteer SMART GOAL

S- By the end of my high school career I want to get 200+ volunteer hours before I graduate

M- Volunteer hours are mandatory to graduate grade 12. many students just get 50 and stop but I want to go for 200 plus keep track of my hours i will record my hours on the volunteering sheet that the school provides us make sure that I can keep track of my hours I will hand them in in grade 12. Once I hit 100 hours i will record it on a new sheet of paper and hand that one in so it dose not get confusing at the end.And I will get my volunteer hours sheet signed everyday so no one can say that i didn't do my hours the day before.

A- To achieve this goal i am going to have to sign up at different places to do my volunteer hours. I will go to places like the hospital, voting offices and food shelters.I will go every weekend and take some time out of my day to go to places to complete this goal. I will not be lazy and will drag my self to the volunteering places if I have to. And I hope to make this a part of my daily weekend routine so i just get used to it and I wont be like I do not want to go. One of my strengths is when I set a goal I do not stop until I achieve it because if I do not complete my goal I feel like I did something wrong that's why I did no achieve my goal.One of my weaknesses is being lazy if i know that something is not mandatory for me to do I keep on delaying it and then I end up not doing it because I got too lazy.

R- I think that I can achieve this goal if I do not get lazy and just pull through it. I know that it is doable because many of my cousins graduated high school with 200 plus hours. and I plan on doing the same and learning from them how they did it. I think this is important because if I have more volunteer hours it will make it easier for me to get a part time job and will look good when i apply for university.

T- I have about 3 years to complete this goal starting from today may 5th 2016.Some smaller goals that will help me achieve this one is doing small amount of hours every day so by the end of the week I can add them up and they will be quite a bit.


S- By the end of grade 12,I want to achieve 85% in English

M- To keep track of my marks throughout i will come to class on time in the morning or after lunch.i will ask for frequent mark updates and record them on a piece of paper and monitor my progress as i go. if i do not get my mark updated in time then i will monitor my tests to make sure that i am maintaining my mark.i will also ask for help more frequently if i do not understand anything.and i will stay after school or at lunch to make sure i understand what we did in class if i did no understand it. i will also ask for feedback on my test,quizzes and assignments.

A- to achieve this goal I am going to have to come to class on time. I will have to come to school on time in order to come to class on time. I will also have to do all of my homework to the best of my ability. In order to do good in English I will have to start reading and writing more so I get more practice. My assignments and my projects all have to be up to 4+ standards. I will also have to talk to the teacher more and ask for feedback on my projects and assignments. To make sure that I understand everything that going on it the class I am going to have to ask the teacher if I do not understand something.

R- Yes i think that I can achieve this goal because it is not impossible. Many people pass with 80% in courses. This goal is doable if I try my hardest and do all of my assignments on time. This goal is important to me because in order to get accepted into a good university I will have to get a really good mark in English.

T- My time frame to achieve this goal is 2 years starting from today Thursday May 12. I will have 2 years basically from today to complete this goal. One small goal that I will have to do is when I get my assignments i start them the day I get it so this way I can do bit by bit everyday.

changes and transitions


To gain a permanent position in the field of aerospace.


Mc Master Univercity

Civil engineering

Hamilton , ON

September 2018 - June 2021

Louise Arbour Secondary School

high school deploma

brampton, ontario

September 2014 - June 2018


Mann Renovations


Brampton, ON

December 2016 - August 2017


Drop in basketball

May 2016 - June 2016

  • I went to the drop in program every Tuesday since it opened.


Gurpreet Dhillon campaign office

Gurpreet Dhillon

Brampton , ON

May 2014 - June 2014

helping kids in need

superheros for kids

liberal campaign for sonia sidhu

liberal campaign

brampton, on

September 2015 - October 2015


  • Leadership and management is one of the many skills that I am wery good at doing. if I am required to work with a bunch of people and i am required to become the leader and lead the group so we can get the job done in a timely and well organized manner.
  • I am a team worker when I am required to work with others.I can work really well with others when the job requires teamwork. I can listen to fellow colleges and preform the task as efficiently as I can.
  • Positive attitude and behavior is also one of my skills because i can calm people down if needed and make sure that everything is under control by not disrespecting anyone or being rude
  • One of my skills is problem solving. If I see there is an issue or is something un expected happens I am very quick to respond and figure out a way around the problem.


graduating from flight school

June 2022

Getting a job as a pilot September 2024

getting accepted into Mc master university May 2018

Graduating high school June 2018

Geting a renovation job August 2015


  • Hockey
  • Skating
  • Basketball
  • swimming
  • soccer
  • arts & crafts

Challenges & solutions

Challenges and solutions Pilots face a huge challenge when trying to connect with air traffic control. Air traffic control are the people that direct the planes to their destinations while flying in a specific air space. One of the challenges that pilots face with atc is trying to get signal with the tower. There have been many cases of airplanes losing connections with the ATC and not getting directions to fly or land,which can be very dangerous ecspec cisely if it is busy air space. Pilots also have to deal with the attitude that the air traffic controller gives them. If pilots are respectful and are polite then air traffic controllers are too. In most cases air traffic controllers are polite because it is required by their job but their have been some cases in which air traffic controllers have not been polite and respectful while communicating with the pilots. The second challenge that pilots face if the weather If the weather gets bad before the flight is about to take off pilots but the planes are flyable because the weather is not severe the pilots must take off. Pilots can not be scared to fly they have to confident even though they might think the weather is out of control. However if the weather gets really bad the airport shuts down and all flight get cancelled which means pilots can either be forced to go home or they might have to deal with very long delays causing fatigue and frustrations. Pilots also have to be prepared for the worst and overcome their fears if something happens while flight. In case the weather gets bad while midway through a flight pilots have to make the decision to land they can not be scared of landing because the weather is too bad. The third challenge that pilots face is dealing with layoffs.Pilots always have the fear of facing layoffs which means that they can be fired or not get called to work for a certain amount of time. The reason why pilots are facing layoffs is because many pilots do not retire and the airline is hiring new and young pilots to take over expecting that the older pilots will retire. Which means that there are too many pilots and less airplanes to fly forcing layoffs. Pilots have to be confident and face with layoffs if they are laid off they can not quit because they might get the job again. And getting a job as a commercial pilot is very difficult due to the demand for pilots. Pilots also can not be flying for another airline while they are laid off. These are some of the challenges that pilots face with their job and are required to deal with in order for perform their job with excellence and proficiency.