The Contributions of The United States Presidents

George Washington

  • George Washington was born in Virginia,February 22 1732.
  • In 1746, Washington and his family moved to Mount Vernon.
  • In 1789,Washington was elected to be the first president.
  • Then in 1799, he got ill and died.

John F. Kennedy

  • He was born in Brookline Massachutsetts,May 29, 1917.
  • In 1940, he graduates college in Brookline.
  • Then in 1960, he was elected to be the thirty fifth president
  • Then in 1963, he died on a gun shot in Dallas, Texas.

Thomas Jefferson

  • Jefferson was born in1743 in a state of Virginia.
  • in 1776,He wrote the declaration of independence.
  • In 1801,Jefferson was elected to be the third president.
  • Thomas Jefferson died in 1826