What is it?

A melanoma is a tumour found in the melanin forming cells and can appear anywhere on the body. It is the most common form of cancer found in 15-44 year old Australians. And the forth most common cancer in the world. 10,000+ people from Australia alone are diagnosed with it every year. It is a dangerous cancer as it spreads, and if found late the cancer can be fatal.

Could you be vulnerable?

Everyone is vulnerable to melanomas, here are some things that could increase your chances of contracting them:

  • A history of melanoma or other skin cancer

  • Several large or many small moles on the skin

  • A fair complexion, including light-coloured, blond or red, hair, light coloured eyes and/or fair skin that freckles easily

  • Exposure to the sun and other sources of ultraviolet radiation such as sunbeds

  • A family history of melanoma

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Stop the spread, the ABCDE of Melanoma

A- Asymmetrical, If a mole is asymmetrical, it may be malignant.

B-Border, uneven or unclear borders also indicate malignant moles.

C- Colour, Multi-coloured moles are a warning signal that it may be malignant.

D- Diameter, Malignant moles are often larger in size.

E- Evolving, Change in a mole's size, colour, shape or any other factor is a large warning sign, see a doctor immediately.

There are many places you can go if you are worried about melanoma

Any doctor will be able and happy to do a skin check if needed.

Local skin cancer clinics are also able to check for melanomas

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