Trinity Beach

Why is Trinity Beach such a unique environment?


Trinity Beach is a natural area located in the Northern Tropical Queensland area of Cairns. Trinity Beach is a great place for tourism.There is lots of space for you to relax.

Natural Features

The natural features of Trinity Beach make it an unique area.

Trinity Beach itself, the two headlands, its palm trees, plants and it's beautiful flowers make it a very good place to visit.

Man Made Features

Trinity Beach is also special because of its man made features.

The man made features of Trinity Beach are little markets, hotels ,walk ways,children's playgrounds ,barbecues, tennis courts and gymnasium.


Trinity Beach is also beautiful because of it's climate.

The climate in Trinity Beach is mostly sunny. It reaches up to 40 degrees C and goes down to 13 degrees C. The average temperature is 25 degrees C.


About Trinity Beach

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