Life in the LRC

Spring 2016

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...the number of books checked out in the LRC this year. A special thank you to all of our hardworking volunteers for shelving so many books!

Everyone is a Maker!

The addition of our Makerspace this year in the LRC has been a learning experience for all. Instead of the LRC being solely a place to consume, it now is a place where all students can create. Through many different platforms, all students have had the ability to problem solve, tinker, collaborate, and be proud of the work they are creating.
What is a MakerSpace?

Tinker Time!

Through collaborative exploration, students are exposed to many different tools in which they have the ability to show their creative sides, as well as consume information on all different levels. As we advance technologically as a society, the language of computer code is becoming much more mainstream - in the LRC all student K-5th grade learn coding. Students are coding with ipads, Chromebooks, laptops, robots, and the 3D printer!

Genius Hour

4th and 5th Graders have been participating in research projects on topics of their own choosing. They learn how to gather facts from sources, create a presentation in a format of their choosing, and present to their peers. Students have the choice to present their project in whatever platform speaks to them, whether it is a film, song, slideshow, or tutorial!

All about our LRC (from the students!)

As we wrap up the year, the students have been participating in celebrations and challenges they have faced this year in the LRC. Take a look at some of their points of pride!

A Summer of Reading and Making!

As we head into summertime there are SO MANY WAYS to keep reading and making over the summer. Here are a couple of links to start you off! Included is the Naperville Public Library Summer Reading Program, the lists of books to get started on this summer that are nominated for the Bluestem Award (grades 3-5), and for the makers, a link to the awesome making you can do this summer at the Museum of Science and Industry!
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3D Printing

What is 3D Printing and how does it work?
With the addition of the 3D printer to our LRC, students have been able to take their computer programming skills to the next level! 4th grade was challenged with designing a medal for the Crosstown Classic this fall. Each student designed their own and the winners will be printed and used at the race. 5th graders have been tinkering with their programming for the research projects as well. Take a look at some of our student creations!

3D Design at Home!

With parent permission students can dive into the 3D printing program at home!
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I want to extend a thank you to all of you for sharing your children with me in the LRC this year. It has been a year full of exploration, learning, and fun. The Mill Street community is such a positive place to be, and my first year in the LRC has been an absolute BLAST! Thank you all for your warm welcome into the Mustang community, I can not wait to see what next year holds.