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What is a Checking Account?

With a checking account, you can put your money in it and keep it safe. You are able to deposit (add money), or withdrawal (take out money) using credit cards, checks, debit cards, and ATM's.

Great Features We Offer

  • With other banks, you can get those annoying fees from using ATM's that are not owned by the bank. But, with bank of St.Louis you won't ever have to worry about those fees from withdrawing money from an ATM that isn't owned by our bank.
  • We provide overdraft protection for our customers, ensuring that they won't have to pay any extra for their lack of money in their account.
  • No fees for having an inactive account.
  • Our bank offers a mobile banking option. You can keep track of your account from your phone or computer, make payments automatically, and much more.
  • But most of all, you can trust our bank to keep your money safe no matter what.

Bank of St.Louis

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