Emotional Conditioning

November 17, 2015

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11/17 - Classical and Operant Learning Quiz

11/18 - Module 6 Lesson 1 Vocabulary Assignment

11/19 - Module 6 Lesson 1 Classical or Operant Assignment

Excellent Work Emma!

"Her parent's probably have a humanistic perspective of their child and believe that she is innately good but that it is her choice to do drugs." Awesome job pointing out a key concept and belief of the Humanistic Perspective that humans are good. I also liked how you addressed the idea of free will and conscious choices. Keep up the good work!

Little Albert Experiment

What's your biggest fear?

The "Little Albert" experiment conducted by John B Watson was based on the principle that you could classically condition a person to have a specific emotion to a previously neutral stimuli. What did he prove?

  1. Conditioning of emotions to a neutral object is possible
  2. Conditioned emotion can generalize to other objects that have similar characteristics

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