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The week ahead... January 4-8


Tuesday, January 5 - Challenge #1 - Pull a student aside to tell them how much they have improved in something or how proud you are of them for something.

Wednesday, January 6 - Challenge #2 - Organize an area in your classroom/office that has become a bit too messy or chaotic (drawer, desk, book case, etc.)

PLC day

Thursday, January 7 - Challenge #3 - Strike up a conversation with another staff member that you don't speak to very often

Report cards go home

Friday, January 8- Challenge #4 - Say a funny joke to your students as they enter your classroom today - here are some easy ones:

Brian Mendler visit - please complete the one question google doc by Friday

An idea that he shared in our last session was this:

The "Good At" Board.

I thought this would be a positive start to the second semester and get everyone off on good start with rebuilding positive relationships after the winter break.

Put up a bulletin board with each student's name and picture. Give each student 2 index cards where they write what they are good at in school (academically) and what they are good at outside of school (like soccer or cooking). This is a good way to not only get to know your kids, but then your students have peers they not only have something in common with, but potential help with assignments.

Horn Hero of the Week Ballot

Scroll down to the staff member you are voting for and click inside the box. Vote for only one person.

Congratulations... Tamikia Reed - Horn Hero of the Week for Dec. 14-18

Horn Hero of the Week - staff questionnaire - please fill out if you haven't already

Click on the link to complete the Staff questionnaire. If you are the winning staff member, this is the information we will display.

Shout Outs and Celebrations

Newly engaged staff members - Sara Cruz and Maria Capulong

Mrs. Moleski wanted to give 3rd Grade Math teachers a shout-out for scoring 4% above the district average on their Division CCA. This was the first time we were above district average this year and she wanted to acknowledge their hard-work and effort.

Reminders and updates

A few updates and reminders for making copies..

We have a service contract with Ricoh which only allows us make a certain amount of copies per school year. We’ve already had more than a few overages this year which the district has to pay for.

Please be respectful of your grade level’s limitations per nine weeks

Pre-K – 2,000

Kinder – 3,000

1st grade – 4,000

2nd - 5,000

3rd - 5,000

4th - 5,000

4th Reading – 6,000

Double –sided pages do not count as one copy. Anytime the copier places toner on a side of paper, it counts as one copy. However, please continue to make double-sided copies to conserve paper.

You are responsible for your code, share at your own risk. Copier codes will not be changed without an administrator's approval.

Please do not take paper out of the copier. Whitney is not always available to replace the paper and this helps us ensure there’s enough paper in the copiers for everyone.

Staff Birthdays

Marcela Barron-Jan. 2

Claudia Pumarejo-Jan. 4

Lourdes Fernandez-Jan. 7

Absence Management System Upgrade (Effective 11/24/2015)

· The SmartFind URL is changing. Please note the new URL:

· You may continue to access the system through the district website at: > Staff > Employee Absence System.

· The calling system telephone number (281-983-1624) will remain the same.

· You will use the SAME ID and PIN to access the system (telephone or web).

· The system will not be accessible November 24, 2015 due to the upgrade.

If you find that you need assistance or information – please contact your HR Substitute Specialist:

Wanda Adekoya x5250

Cinthya Barrios x2130

Pam Hortenstine x4040

Let me know anything that needs to be added to the calendar, shout outs, reminders, etc