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Important Information and Reminders

Class Schedules and Maverick March

2017-2018 Class Schedules will become viewable through parent portal at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, August 10. In order to access the schedule, all registration information must be updated, and required immunization documentation must be submitted.


Please log in to ParentViewer ( and re-check your child's schedule. Counselors have been working very hard to balance classes, so many students may have a slightly different schedule than they did on August 10.

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6th Grade Open House

Thursday, Aug. 17th, 6:30pm

620 North Murphy Road

Murphy, TX

From the Athletic Director

PE UNIFORMS- You can order your PE uniform on-line at Students will need to have a grey shirt and blue shorts for PE class. Orders placed by August 1st will be delivered to the school during the first week of school. If you order your uniform by August 11th it will not be at school until September 1st. Orders placed from August 12th- August 23rd will arrive at school during the 3rd week of the school year. All orders will be delivered to the school and past out to the students during their PE or Athletic period. If your student does not have PE until the second semester Coach Ragsdale will bring them their order to one of their classes.

Volleyball Tryouts- Volleyball tryouts will be held after school during the 1st week from Tuesday August 22nd to Friday August 25th. All students trying out should arrange for their ride to pick them up by the gym area by 4:30. Any 7th or 8th grade girl trying out for volleyball must have their physical, medical history, and all UIL paperwork filled out before they can try out. Students that do not have all paperwork filled out will not be able to try out. You can e-mail your physicals or medical history to Coach Ragsdale at 8th graders trying out that turned in a physical last year still need to turn in the medical history form.

Football- If your 7th or 8th grade athlete is playing football you should have already been receiving e-mails from Coach Ragsdale. If you are not receiving these e-mails please e-mail Coach Ragsdale. All football players paperwork is due by the 1st day of school. If at all possible I would like to have all of the paperwork turned in ASAP. All students must participate in 10 practices before they are eligible to play in a game. Football players that do not have their paperwork turned in by the 1st day of school will miss the first game of the season. 8th grade football will start practice on the first day of school at 8:30. Be prepared to take the field. 7th graders will have their first practice on the 2nd day of school.

Athletic Information

If your student is trying out for football or volleyball, they need to have all UIL paperwork filled out and turned in before school starts. All UIL paperwork you can fill out on line at Physicals and medical history forms need to be filled out and turned into Coach Ragsdale. You can e-mail them to Students that turned in a physical last year do not need a new physical just a new medical history form.

The UIL says students cannot tryout or participate in the athletic program until all forms are turned in. All football players must be at 10 practices before they can play in a game. With a schedule that starts quickly if an 8th grader misses one football practice they will not be eligible to play in the first game.

First Day of School

Parents are welcome to walk their child into the building on the first day of school and accompany them to their lockers. There will be plenty of teachers and staff available to assist students. Staff will remain in the hallways assisting students until all students have successfully made it to their first class.

Carpool, Arrival, & Departure

  • We provide crossing guards between our building and the inner carpool parking lot and between the MMS property and the Kimbrough Stadium parking lot. You may want to consider dropping off at these locations in the morning or making arrangements with your child to meet you at one of these locations in the afternoon.
  • Entering into our circular carpool area from 8:00 - 8:30 and from 3:20 – 3:40 can be a time-consuming endeavor; please be ready to spend time waiting if you enter the carpool loop. Please be courteous and patient.
  • Please do not stop in the crosswalks. Students need a clear and safe path to cross through traffic.
  • All student drop-offs and pick-ups must occur with your vehicle’s passenger side tires against the curb that runs closest to our building. Please do not drop your child off in the left lane; we never want students walking in between cars.
  • Beyond the Eastern exit of the inner circle parking lot, traffic should move in a single line.
  • You may pull away from the curb and into the left lane after drop-off or pick-up if the lane is open and it will move the carpool line forward.
  • If you see your student standing at the crosswalk area of the carpool loop in the afternoon, you may bypass the line of cars – if the outer lane is clear – and pull past the crosswalk to pick up your student. Again, please make sure that your vehicle’s passenger side tires are against the curb.
  • If your student will be walking to or from school, there will be crossing guards at the light near our entrance.
  • We do not provide a crossing guard from the east parking lot (tennis courts) onto our campus, and this is our bus lane. For this reason, there should be no drop-offs or pick-ups in the east parking lot near the tennis courts.
  • Do not make a U-Turn after dropping your child off at the curb of the road running between Murphy and the Kimbrough parking lot. If you choose to drop your child here, pull far forward (parallel to the gym) and then exit by using the road running in front of Kimbrough Stadium. NO U-TURNS.
  • There is a double turn lane from the South bound lanes of Murphy Road. Please consider this as you pull in for morning drop off and afternoon pick up. If you want to enter the carpool circle, you need to be in the right or westernmost turn lane off of Murphy Road. The inside or easternmost turn lane will allow you to either go straight or turn left (north) toward McMillen.

Where To Go In The Morning...

  • The building opens at 7:45.
  • All buses drop off on the east side of the building, and students enter through the cafeteria doors.
  • 6th grade bus riders will walk through the cafeteria, into the rotunda, and then teachers will direct them where to sit in the hallway.
  • 6th grade carpoolers or walkers will enter through the front door, proceed to the rotunda, and then teachers will direct them where to sit in the hallway.
  • 7th and 8th grade students will report to the cafeteria each morning.
  • We will release our 6th grade students around 8:10 on the first few days so that they have plenty of time to open their lockers and find their first class.

Murphy Bell Schedule

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Lunch Information

Please remember that students may only receive lunches from someone who is listed on their emergency contact card; do not bring lunch for children other than your own. As this is a statewide policy and a safety issue, please understand that we will not allow students to eat lunches provided by anyone except for someone on their emergency contact card.

To check your child's balance and add money to his or her account visit:

*This is link is also posted in Parent Portal

To view the upcoming menu, download the mealviewer app in the appstore or visit:

School Supplies

For those who could not pick up their school supplies at Maverick March, PTA representatives will be in the cafeteria on the first day of school. Students will be sent to the cafeteria during 1st period to pick up supplies their parents pre-ordered.