Exhibit Visit

Marcel Odenbach. Stille Bewengungen (Tranquil Motions)

At el Centro de arte contemporáneo de Quito

Quito's Contemporary Art Museum is a state museum and public space with the motive of promoting and spreading artist practices and contemporary cultures while recognizing a diverse collection of artists. This exhibit is called Marcel Odenbach. Stille Bewengungen (Tranquil Motions / Movimientos quietos), and it is a part of the temporary exhibit. It ran from the 10th of November, 2015 until the 10th of January, 2016.

Curatorial Information

Name of curator: Matthias Mühling

Curatorial Rationale: This exhibition was curated completely out of work by Marcel Odenbach, a german artist. The pieces are videos, video-installations or works on paper and were all produced within the last three decades. The pieces show a spectrum of the artist's work and represents a journey through the themes that the Odenbach investigates in all of his work. It is a survey of the artist's work; how it has changed or remained the same, what parts are the most important, and in what ways his art has influenced other artists as a whole. The latter is especially important when examining his video installations.

Examples of Work in the Exhibition (Works on Paper)

Exhibition Set-up and Atmosphere

This exhibition spanned several rooms because some of the pieces were quite large. There were about 5 total spaces that contained pieces, depending on how you split it up. Two of the larger video pieces were placed into their own rooms with benches so that they could be watched in entirety. There was also a room that contained several video pieces with headphone sets to be able to listen to them. This, in my opinion, lessened the effect of many of the sounds and atmosphere the artist intended to have, but it is understandable because it would be incredibly difficult for the sounds not to interfere with the space given for the exhibition.

Almost the entire exhibition was lit very dimly and the pieces were placed on black walls to help the video pieces display better. The atmosphere was somewhat tense and hushed, and often any words from the viewers would be swallowed by the sounds of the videos. There is only text on the walls outside of the main section of the exhibit, which shows the information on the exhibition. Other than that, the placards near the individual pieces reference a exhibition guide that contains the art text for each work.


I feel that this exhibition was more moving because of the pieces themselves. I feel that the way that the pieces were collected was somewhat unfocused because there were so many different stories going on at once. I think that individually, I could follow the story of the pieces, but as a whole exhibition I struggled to see an overall, consolidated message. However, I think that it was otherwise put together in a way that heightened the intensity of all of the pieces, and I enjoyed the artwork thoroughly.

(I am not sure if that video above will load, but I thought I would try it)