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Teacher Pulled For DWI On Her Way To School

28 year-old middle school teacher Alexis Bridge was arrested for a DWI while driving to work on August 9, 2014.Police authorities proceeded to arrest the women that morning and escort her to the Houston County jail, she was released later that day on bail. Ms.Bridge was brought to trial for a misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated on school grounds. Bridges was given a public attorney since she could not afford one. Her public defender assured her that there would be no prosecution for being on school grounds since she was at the school on a Saturday therefore, no children were present.

A grand jury was present to determine if the women was truly intoxicated while being arrested. The police issued a report documented the day of the arrest stating that Bridge’s breathalyzer test had showed her alcohol levels were over the legal limit. A witness was also present at the trial, the witness stated that they had been driving behind the women that day and noticed her swaying in and out of lanes. At the end of the trial the jury announced a written indictment stating Ms.Bridge was most certainly under the influence of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. Judge Mathews then subpoenaed the defendant to return back to court for a follow up on what the verdict shall be. Bridge’s next court date is scheduled two months from now on October 5th for her arraignment where she will plea guilty or not guilty.

Lets Hear it!

We here at Between the Lines appreciate what our readers have to say about our stories. We sent out a few of out interviews to get your thoughts and feelings on this story. Here are some of our readers comments!

-"Even if she has the right to appeal to a higher court, I highly doubt she will...she should really just let it all play out and take the punishment like an adult. Though it wouldn't surprise me if the drunk was to get accused of perjury and dishonesty...I mean drunks are compulsive liars right? "

-Sylvia Garcia

-" I'm really curious as to what the petit jury will have to decide on this one. If it were my choice she'd be locked up...What if there were children that day?! Think of how bad it could have gotten!

-Pat Reynolds

- "Ms. Bridge was been my sons English teacher in his 7th grade year... He'd come home and tell me numerous stories of his teacher smelling like alcohol but, I never quite believed him until now. I predict she will be convicted of recklessness and will most certainly not be returning for the semester."

-Sierra Chandler

-" I personally know the judge handling this case...he can be a hard nut to crack but a softy if you play a good guilt card... A plea bargain or even the dismissal of a handful of charges against her seems likely if she plays the room right."