SAC Newsletter

February 5, 2016


Thank you all for your hard work during the assessment window! For the most part, most of you have reported that testing has gone well and while we have had a few challenges during the process, we are close to the end and the majority of our students have completed testing.

We will begin accepting materials returns on February 11 or 12 (for schools who have completed testing early) and on February 16 and 17 for those schools who are testing up to the very end of the window.

Please complete the survey at the following web address:

We will send out a finalized schedule next week based on your response to the survey. We will do our best to accommodate your needs

What do I need to do to pack my materials?

Please follow the Materials return directions in the WIDA Test Administrator Manual ( Section 9- Returning Test Materials starting on page 111) with the exception placing your bubbled test booklets on top of the boxes, do not seal up your boxes and affix the UPS pick labels. Return your unsealed boxes and accountability sheet to our office at the date and time of your appointment (ESC 1 Suite 112). We will confirm your counts, make sure assessment books are labeled and/or bubbled and then finish preparing the shipment to return to DRC.

If you have questions about this process, please call me at x 28335. If you need to reschedule your materials delivery time, please call Bess at x 28360.

ACT- Grade 11 and PSAT 10

CO ACT Update

Reminder to Complete Establishment and Enrollment Confirmation

ACT school test coordinators must complete the establishment and enrollment verification processes in ACT’s version of PearsonAccessnext as soon as possible. Instructions and login information were emailed to DACs and school test coordinators and are also attached to this email. These steps are now past due and must be completed as soon as possible for all schools, including online schools. Online schools who are providing vouchers for their students may indicate that they are “not participating” on the establishment page. If a school’s ACT test coordinator has changed from last year, DACs can add a new test coordinator account in PearsonAccessnext for the school. If you did not receive your PearsonAccessnext account information for the ACT, please contact Will Morton ( or 303-866-6997).

· PearsonAccessnext for the ACT can be accessed at

· More information about establishment and instructions for ACT school test coordinators can be found at

· More information about enrollment verification and instructions for ACT school test coordinators can be found at

Window to order ACT + Writing vouchers changed

ACT has changed the window for schools to order ACT + Writing vouchers. The new window is February 3rd – 10th. Schools who have completed establishment should have received an email from ACT with instructions and a link to a short google form. Requests for the ACT + Writing will not be accepted after February 10th.

CO PSAT 10 Update

Establishment email sent to schools

On February 2nd, the College Board sent an email to school Test Center Supervisors (school test coordinators) with a survey link to identify the school’s key staff for the PSAT and identify if the school will be giving the PSAT at an off-site location by February 10th. If a school in your district that serves students in tenth grade did not receive this email, please contact Angela Landrum (, 303-866-6931) at CDE or Sharon Cowley at College Board (

ACT Aspire

While the Grade 8 Summative Assessment has been cancelled, your school is still required to administer the Grade 9 and 10 ACT Aspire Interim during the February 16-March 1 window and the end of the year window (May 2-May 13) is optional. This is a change from our previous communication to you, however, this is the most recent information we have from the Division of Equity in Learning. Please check with your director and principal if you have any questions.


The Acuity Window is now open and runs until February 26, 2016. The scoring window will be open until March 4, 2016 (no exceptions). Please remind teachers that all constructed response items MUST be entered into the Acuity System no later that March 4, 2016 in order to close the assessment window.

CMAS ELA/L, Math, Science and Social Studies Training

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 9am

15771 East 1st Avenue

Aurora, CO

If you did not attend the February 1, 2016 training, you should plan to attend the training on February 23, 2016 from 9-4. Annual training is required and an updated security agreement needs to be signed.

If we didn't see you on the 1st, we will see you on the 23rd!

Your Assessment Team

Kimberly Patten District Assessment Coordinator x 28335

Cammie Smith District Assessment Technician x 28378

Andrea Payne- Secretary x 28382

Mya Martin- Glenn Director, Assessment and Research x28396