NCSY's Call of Inspiration

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What is NCSY's Call of Inspiration?

Call of Inspiration is a nation-wide phone conference open to all NCSYers! Tune in every Monday night @ 9 PM EST for 15 minutes of inspiration followed by a 90 second update of NCSY around the regions! Call in to hear inspirational guest speakers and role models in the Jewish community speak about topics that are both interesting and relevant to today's teens.

Phone Number: 1-443-453-0034

Entry Code: 136907

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2013 - 2014 Calls:

Marc Fein - Regional Director of Upstate NY NCSY, Director of TJJ Ambassadors Poland

Rabbi Rael Blumenthal - Director of Bergen County NCSY, Director of New Jersey TJJ

Rabbi Micah Greenland - International Director of NCSY, former Regional Director of Midwest NCSY

Debbie Stone - Associate Director of Education of NCSY

Rabbi Yaakov Glasser - former Regional Director of New Jersey NCSY, former Director of Education of NCSY

Rabbi Effie Goldberg - Regional Director of West Coast NCSY

Rabbi Yehoshua Kohl - Regional Director of New York NCSY

SPECIAL CALL AND Q&A WITH Rabbi Micah Greenland - International Director of NCSY, former Regional Director of Midwest NCSY

David Cutler - Director of NCSY Summer Programs

Rabbi Akiva Naiman - Director of Norcal NCSY, Director of NCSY BILT

Rabbi Eli Zians - Director of Boca Raton NCSY, Director of NCSY JOLT

Rabbi Arieh Friedner - Director of Cleveland NCSY, Director of Central East TJJ

Erin Stiebel - Director of NCSY GIVE

Eli Weinstein - Assistant Director of New York TJJ

CM Nimchinsky - Assistant Director of Upstate NY NCSY, Assistant Director of TJJ Ambassadors

Meira Spivak - Director of Oregon NCSY

Rabbi Ari Clark - Co-Director of Southern TJJ, Former Assistant Director of NCSY Jolt, Former Head Advisor of Southern NCSY

2012 - 2013 Calls:

Rabbi Burg:

Mr. Charlie Harary:

Rabbi Greenland:

Rabbi Glasser:

President Richard Joel:

Mrs. Lori Palatnik:

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone:

Marc Fein:

Hart Levine:

Jon Ackerman:

Rabbi Josh Joseph:

Rabbi Menachem Nissel:

Rabbi Dinovitzer:

Rael Blumenthal:

Mrs. Erin (Cooper) Stiebel:

Ari Clark:

Marc Fein:

Rabbi Arieh Friedner:

Rabbi Eli Zians:

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin:

Ariella Freedman:

Regional & National NCSY News

Atlantic Seaboard:

  • Brooklyn Shabbaton for upperclassmen is February 22nd, and March 22nd for underclassmen! Sign up soon, because space is limited!

  • Philly/Cherry Hill chapter - get excited for Casino Night the 15th, and food-packing with the JRA the 16th!

  • For more information contact regional president: Sarah Joseph

Central East:

  • Make sure to like the NCSY Big East Torah by Video page on Facebook

  • Sign up for the Winter shabbaton Feb. 21st-23rd in Columbus

  • For more information contact regional president: Ami Nadiv

New York:

  • Come join Yeshiva ncsy for girls every tuesday or yeshiva ncsy for boys every thursday. Dinner is served!

  • register for winter regionals feb. 28th-March 2nd

  • looking for a place to to read awesome weekly devrei torah? Shabbos times? Intresting articles and more? Subscribe to New York's iNCSYder!

  • For more information contact regional president: Nikki Feerst

New Jersey

  • New Jersey NCSY is setting up a Lobbying mission to Washington DC on March 20th. To sign up, please go to

  • For more information contact Regional President: Leora Sherman


  • Sign up for Winter Regionals on presidents day weekend. Spend a beautiful Shabbat in the northern Georgian mountains, and enjoy a fun day of skiing in North carolina, all in one weekend!

  • If you would like an Orly bracelet contact NCSY JAX. All Proceeds go to the Ohayon Fund. May Orly Ohayon have a refuah shlema

  • For more information contact Regional Co-Presidents: Sarah Barrocos and Sarita Weltman

West Coast

  • ILearn! This West Coast program gives you a chance to win an IPAD and Amusement Park Tickets! Learn with your advisors, attend Latte & Learning and win awesome stuff!

  • For more information, contact regional president: Sam Hodara

Upstate New York

  • Get excited for Upstate Winter Convention, February 28-March 2 in Albany, NY!

  • For more information, contact regional president: Elisa Alweis


  • Get excited for Midwest’s Toy Drive!! Contact Rachel Doerfler for more details!

  • Get excited for Midwest’s Chapter Wars!! Who will win???

  • Sign up for Conclave! Feb. 13th-16th

  • For more information, contact regional president: Jamie Epstein

New England:

  • sign up for the regional winter shabbaton Jan. 31st-feb. 2nd

  • 613 handles!!! This Thursday night at 6pm Boston chapter is going out for froyo, hanging out with friends and learning some Torah at 16 handles on beacon street. get excited!!

  • For more information contact regional president: Yael Green


  • For more information contact regional president: Leah Lipsey


  • Do you want to go on an NCSY summer program? Do you like Learning Torah? Join the Learn-a-thon movement and earn scholarships for the NCSY summer program of your choice, while learning TORAH!!!

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What Does Call of Inspiration Mean to You?

"NCSY's Call of Inspiration helps me carry my growth and inspiration in between events and keeps the fire inside of me alive. It's absolutely incredible." -David Sperber, New Jersey

"I really love Call of Inspiration because it gives NCSYers the opportunity to connect through meaningful speakers that live a Torah lifestyle...they show us what it means to fit our lives into Torah as opposed to fitting Torah into our lives. Call of Inspiration gives us that burst of inspiration and achdus (unity) that reminds us why we are so fortunate to be Jewish." -Hannah Rubenstein, Central East

"Call of Inspiration is a window that we get to look through, once a week, into a world that is above the mundane routine. It's a break from learning because we have to. Instead we get to grow because we want to." - Eli Weiss, New Jersey

"For me, Call of Inspiration is my connection to my NCSY family. It's not like going on the web and looking up a shiur. It is sitting in a room learning Torah with your closest friends and family- whether we know each other or not. Call of Inspiration brings us all together to transform our days, weeks, and lives." -Yakov Samuels, Canada

"Call of Inspiration is my weekly input to Torah with teens across the country. It both inspires me and let's me have a chance to talk Torah with my peers." - Edon Freiner, New Jersey.


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