MRI scan

By Savannah and Senna

Describe the scan

The MRI scan consist of a table that slides into a larger cylinder. Inside the cylinder is a large magnet that, when operated, creates a powerful magnetic field. It uses this magnetic field and radio waves to take picture of the body's interior

What kind of information does it provide?

It provides clear and detailed images of soft tissue.


Does not involve exposure to radiation.

particularly useful for showing soft tissue structures such as ligaments and cartilage and organs such as the brain, heart and eyes.

Can provide information about how the blood vessels, allowing problems with blood circulations such as blockages.


They are expensive. 1 scan costs over $1 million.

The combination of being in an enclosed space and loud noises can make some people feel claustrophobic.

They can be affected by movement, making them unsuitable for investigating problems such as mouth tumors.

What types of brain conditions can it be used to investigate?

tumors, including cancer.


soft tissue injuries (damaged ligaments).

joint injury or disease.

spinal injury or disease.

injury or disease of internal organs including the brain, heart and digestive organs.

Are there any people who can't use the scan?

The following things have a effect on the scan;



nerve stimulator.

cochlear implant.

drug pump implant.

brain aneurysms clips.

metallic fragments.

prosthetic metal hearts valves.

penile implants.

eye implants.


artificial joints.

dental fillings and bridges.

tubal ligation clips.

surgical clips or staples.

What types of brain conditions cant the scan be used to investigate?

MRI cant be used to investigate;