Genetics Disorder

How do you get Anemia?

You could get Anemia by: losing too much RBC's (Blood), if too many RBC's are destroyed, and you are not getting enough RBC's.

How do you treat Anemia?

The treatment on Anemia depends on the cause. In most kids, the most common cause is they aren't getting enough Iron in their diets.

What can doctors do to help people with Anemia?

Doctors will give you medicine and then make you take a blood test if the medicine doesn't work. After that, they will go and study it in a laboratory.

My summary about Anemia.

If a person has Anemia they will be paler and have not a lot of energy. If they were a sports person and an active person they will start taking naps and not really go outside often.

How do people feel if they have Anemia?

The people or person will feel like they have no energy and they are tired a lot of the time. People will be treated by medicine and take blood test to study it in a laboratory so they could find out how this happens.