The Big Interview

meet Juli in person!

Welcome Juli!

interviewer: hello juli! i will be introducing you to Mrs. Fullers language arts class today. We all know you in the book, Flipped but we are very excited to meet you in person, and ask you some futer questions.

Q: what judgement can be made about juli's chickens?

A: well, since my family raises chickens, we could br labeled as farmers, or accused of having salmanela diseas.

Q: why do u think your characters yard is so dirty?

A:because in my book Flipped, my family is not clean, and does not take care of there belongings.

Q: how is juli similar to bryce's grandmother?

A: in the novel, bryce's grandfather says that Juli had his "wife' s personality"

Q: why are the store's eggs better than Juli's?

A: the store's eggs are pasteurized on a clean safe farm. unlike Juli's witch her eggs are raised on a dirty, unpasteurized lawn.

Q:what evidence supports that Blake doesn't like Juli?

A: when Blake tosses Juli's eggs out into the garbage, and when Blake talks about Juli in a rude ways to his friend, Garret.

Q: what are some conclusions can be drawn about Bryce's feelings for Juli?

A: some conclusions could be that Bryce does not like Juli, or enjoy her being around him.

Q: how would you classify Juli's family?

A: very strange, and unique in there way of parenting Juli, and brothers.

Q: how can u prove that Bryce's parents like juli?

A: Bryce's parents invited Juli over for dinner, and ivited her to hang out.

Q: what would you predict would happen if Bryce's never moved to town?

A: Juli wouldn't have any friends, and would have never had her first crush.

Locomotion Book Review

The book that I previously read, called Locomotion was a book of poems that shared a journey and the challenges of a young boy named Lonnie. His journey has been very hard dealing with the loss of his parents, and the separation of his little sister Lilly. The book took us through the news about his parents, the loving memories of his foster mom Mrs. Edna, to finally being reunited with his sister Lilly.

Lonnie has shared very happy things as well to. For example ; finally finding Jesus, getting the excitement of his first straight A's, and getting to meet his "long lost brother," Ronnie [Mrs. Edna's son.] this novel was very emotional, but I definitely recommend this novel for young readers. this book deserves a five star rating in my eyes, because of its emotional tug. I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did.

the robbery that you wont want to forget!

"The man with the white shoes"

News paper insider recenly reported that Sae Young, got ROBBED! This robory followed by a serious beating, and the robber was armed with a gun and serious weapons located within his coat. She was thrown on the ground and kicked in several places leaving her with several bruises, cuts, and a broken ankle. She yelled and cried but no one came for help, or called for emergency. Nearby neighboors saw the strange man run away in a rush and described him as worried or scared. The local neighboors also noticed he was wearing a black hat, white shoes, and a bloody eye that he was trying to cover up with his arm only leaving it to drip on his sleeve. The police came a soon a possibale to write down the descriptions, and tryign to find "the man with the white shoes."

seedfolk cinquains




connecting with her late father