Coral Bank

By: Julienne Mumpini

Welcome to your local bank!

We are located in various locations within the state of New Hampshire! This minimizes the large fees of ATM's and less competitive interest rates.
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The Important Assets

Maximizing your balance

  1. The average yearly price of a checking account at coral bank never exceeds $175!
  2. Also there is free checking to get rid of the maintenance fees.
  3. We provide an abundance of Overdraft Protection Programs as well

Services you'll might need

  • Direct deposit
  • ATM privileges
  • Phone, text and online banking
  • Credit, debit and check cards
  • Overdraft protection
  • Loans and mortgages
  • Stocks and mutual funds
  • Retirement planning
  • Small business services
  • International money markets
  • Deposit slips
  • Phone support and live tellers
  • Traveler's and cashier's checks
  • Wire transfers and money orders
  • Safe deposit boxes

Online Banking

Help Your Local Economy

Credit Unions are a great way for an investment to benefit the grow and economy of goods and services within your community. Become a part owner in the business and gain the share of any year-end profits through dividends.

Long Term and Short Term thinking

If you know that making or considering major purchase or investments in the next few years, we can provide it through our bank or your credit union which are financial benefits as a trusted customer.

Needing money now? Our credit unions and online bank provide a better rate for your needs along with special deals for immediate needs.

No Tricks nor Gimmicks!

We let you know as soon as we change policies and/or fine print.

Phone or online balance checks are provided to make sure you stay on top of your budget.

We will also inform you if a bigger bank buys our bank so you are/aren't subject to its fees and rates

Every year we will sit down and compare rates and fees.

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Open an account In Coral Bank Today!

Open Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: 9am-2pm

Sunday: Closed