The bravest hero in greekmythology

Thesis statement

In Greek Myths & Greek Mythology, Theseus is the most significant hero in Greek Mythology that portrays an image that is brave and majestic.


In the story there is the Minotaur that has been dangerous and killed people, Theseus is brave and wants to be the one who kills the Minotaur but the people that go inside the labyrinth don’t come out.


Theseus announced to king Minos that he was going to kill the Minotaur.


‘‘I will kill the Minotaur’’ (Theseus)


This shows how Theseus is brave and majestic. Theseus was brave because he wanted revenge because of the destruction the Minotaur caused. The Minotaur also killed the son of king Minos. Theseus was majestic because the way he did everything was amazing. He killed the Minotaur and left the labyrinth because of the thread Ariadne gave him. That is how Theseus did it.


Lastly Theseus is brave and majestic for killing the Minotaur and doing the impossible which was to exit the labyrinth.

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