Technology Class

Approved for 3 clock hours and tri-time pay


This course is ideal for CVSD teachers who have an interest in using an online digital portfolio to showcase student learning and growth. Seesaw is a free, multi-platform, online digital portfolio program. Student work can easily be uploaded, then teacher approved, into individual student portfolios. Parents can also access student portfolio work at any time. “Courses are structured to ensure a minimum of 3 hours of instruction and documented outcomes”.

Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview


Friday, Feb. 5th, 7:30-8am

14603 East 24th Avenue

Spokane Valley, WA

This is a six week course that will consist of six 30 minute mini sessions once a week starting February 5, 2016 and ending March 18th, 2016. It will be held in the Sunrise library from 7:30 am to 8:00 am. This course is approved for 3 clock hours and tri-time pay.