Second Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Barita, Mrs. Carrasco, Mrs. Kulesza

*Monday, April 4th will be "Day 5 " for Encore*

Lifework-Week of April 4th-8th

  • Monday: Read & log, Math paper
  • Tuesday: Read & log, Spelling-Rainbow Style-3 colors
  • Wednesday: Read & log, Spelling-ABC order
  • Thursday: Read & log, Spelling-Write each word 3 times-test tomorrow
  • Weekend: Read & log Ecosystems study guide, Flat Stanley Project (details will be sent home Friday)

Curriculum Corner

Our current unit in science is Ecosystems/Habitats. Key concepts:

  • habitats and how living things adapt when habitats change
  • some living things become endangered/extinct
  • living and non living things as part of a system
  • how living things depend on each other (interdependence)
  • the importance of plants and plant products

*The Ecosystems/Habitats test will be on Monday, April 11th. Watch for the study guide to come home on Monday, April 4th

Our next unit in math is Unit 8 Fractions. Key concepts:

  • Identify and write fractions of a region
  • Identify and write fractions of a set
  • Comparing unit fractions

Spelling Words-Test 4/8/16

Consonant + le, al, el Syllable Patterns

















Poem of the Month for April

A Caterpillar Crawled

A caterpillar crawled

To the top of the tree.

“I think I’ll take a nap,” said he.

So under a leaf he began to creep

To spin his cocoon,

And he fell asleep.

All winter long he slept in his bed,

‘Til spring came along one day and said,

“Wake up, wake up, little sleepyhead,

Wake up, it’s time to get out of bed.”

So he opened his eyes that sunshiny day.

Lo! He was a butterfly and flew away.

April 6th is S.T.E.A.M. Night

Reminder: Students must return the RSVP slip to attend this event. We look forward to a fun night!

Important Dates

  • 4/11-PTO Meeting-7p.m.
  • 4/13-Second Grade Field Trip
  • 4/15-PTO Spirit Night
  • 4/18-No School-Teacher Work Day
  • 4/19-4/22-Scholastic Book Fair
  • 4/25-Advisory Council-6p.m.

Encore Schedule

Barita: Library, Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE

Carrasco: Music, PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library

Kulesza: PE, Art, PLTW, PE, Library, Music

Lunch Schedule

Kulesza: 11:00-11:30

Carrasco: 11:03-11:33

Barita: 11:06-11:36