IOS 7 Update.

By: Bethy Ledezma

Reasons not to update.

  • It won't let you jailbreak.
  • Breaks your apps.
  • Won't be able to downgrade.
  • Older device won't be able to support it well.
  • Some apps will suck.
  • Newer and easy to understand icons.
  • Different default apps.
  • Still don’t have the ability to use true third-party keyboards.
  • Can't remove Apple bloatware.
  • iMessages aren't sending messages.
  • Audio apps crash if you get a call or text.

Reasons to update.

  • Connects to WiFi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode quickly.
  • Can block contacts.
  • Improved on multitasking.
  • Timestamps in messages.

My Claim.

I wouldn't get the update because there has been many problems with this update. Sometimes the iMessages don't send and you don't receive the iMessage. The update lags a lot. You wont be able to jailbreak your device. And most of all, I really don't want my phone to be slow. The only possible good thing about it is the camera. Being the only person won't make you stupid, It'll make you different. Just because it looks nice doesn't mean that the update will be great. Another thing is that if you don't like the update, you can't go back to the iOS 6.

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