By Cole and Belmin

What does a hyena look like

A hyena is covered with fur with dots. The color is like brownish. The size of a deer. There not that big but they are fast.
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Hyenas habitat and shelter

Hyenas live in Africa in grasslands. I thought they lived in like desserts. Here is a picture of a grassland in Africa.
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What does a hyena eat ?

A hyena eats lizards, snakes, birds. I never knew they ate snakes i thought some snakes eat him

Is a hyena a carnivore omnivore or a Herbivore

The hyena is actually a carnivore i thought they were a Omnivore
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What hunts a hyena?

Most humans hunt hyenas. I wonder if hyenas can get humans to.

Some interesting facts

Did you know hyenas are fast. And hyenas can blend in to the color of the grass. And hyenas live in africa