Joy Cortese

Joy Cortese was a middle aged women when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Joy loved horses but one day when riding one she feel off and broke her back. She was flat on her back for days when she saw a magazine with advertisement for a half marathon in a 3 months and she wanted to participate. She thrived through her physical therapy and was doing water aerobics by herself. The doctors called it fantastic she recovered and she ran the marathon. But she soon realized she had thyroid cancer but didn’t want give up her dream of the half marathon so she ran the half marathon with cancer and finished the race and went into surgery. She survived and fully recovered.


In the book Rebel by Amy Tintera a girl named Wren has a disease Called KDH which allows her to come back to life after she dies, but she was dead for a very long time 178 minutes. She goes to works for an agency named HARC like all other reboots which they are called. But when a human reboots they become faster, stronger, and almost impossible to kill. She is kept against her will in HARC and catches criminals. When she has had enough torture she breaks out with her companion Callum. Since they hate HARC and they meet up with a lot of other reboots they take revenge on HARC. They attack all HARC buildings and kills out HARC and start a new world. Wren can survive gun shoots broken limbs and even fallen off limbs so is something bad happens to her get out the way.

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Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch is cancer fighter but he has 3 months to live but instead of being sad about he is making them most of his life. He is giving lectures about his life and teaching people to stop being mad or sad about something be happy with what you have. He wants to teach live your life to the fullest until it’s no longer livable. He wanted to have as much fun as he can and also teach people about how we should be thankful for the family we have not the things we have. Even though Randy Pausch was going to die he was fighting to survive he still wanted to teach and give all of his knowledge before his time was up, that was his peace with the world.