Save Betta , Live Betta


Here in KozartStay, Our saying means a lot because when you save better you live better & KozartStay is an Command System because we want people to save better and live better. So in KozartStay we are in charge of the money you make which is for a good cause because everybody won't have the save amount of money as everybody else NO PROBLEMS. We have atleast 20,000 stays in KozartStay. Why? Because we take care of everything and keep up with our populations. We Care :*

Facts About Ko

1. Our system works by giving people the right amount of money they deserve and things like that.

2.Dae Kozart & Chief Kozart are in charge of the whole Stay. (Husband & Wife)

3. We have jobs here in KozartStay so people make their money by working.

4. We have stores and things so they can sell and buy the things they need.

& This is how KozartStay works. :)


Our organizations stay organize because without an unperfect place, everyone can't function and it's just not good. But the government gives laws and laws to keep others safe and sound. We don't want any problems in our KozartStay.


Everyone should come & live in KozartStay because we help our residents out a lot and we make the prices affordable for them to make arrangements to feel safe. We want our residents to live better and safe better because we don't hard times for the residents we like smiles. But really. KozartStay is a wonderful place to stay and we hope you come and join us.


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