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May 27, 2022

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Dear Cardinal Family,

Sometimes gifts are packaged in the most stressful ways.

At Thomas Worthington, we are in the process of changing our school photography company. The yearlong contract includes school pictures and IDs, of course, but also lots of sports, concerts, and other activities. And while it shouldn't happen, at the end of a contract, things can occasionally get a little bumpy.

Imagine my panic last weekend when we were setting up graduation at the Convention Center, and the professional photographers were nowhere to be seen. I looked to our senior class advisor, Mike Brienza, who also happens to be our yearbook advisor. He calmly said, "We got this."

Two TWHS yearbook students proceeded to do it all. Two kids took all of our graduation photos, both candids and portraits, with the new equipment we had purchased just weeks earlier.

The result was some amazing photographs, all snapped, edited, and produced by our kids. They offered them to our senior families free of charge, with the option to donate to our yearbook program. (Typically, parents have the option to purchase individual photos from the professional company.) Social media posts have been very kind, and we're hopeful we'll garner some funds to continue building our fantastic yearbook program.

It's a pretty cool story that puts the dedication, talent, and hard work of our kids on full display. Sample graduation photos

Thanks for a relatively smooth end to the year. Transitions are always a little tough, but we're already looking forward to another great school year ahead. You'll find important dates for next year below.

Welcome to the class of 2026 and their families, who are included in this newsletter for the first time!

Have a great summer and Go Cards!


Pete Scully


Thomas Worthington HS

**New Announcements This Week**

  • May Cardinals of the Month
  • Summer Securly Update


  • August 9th: Schedule Pick-Up 9:00 am - 11:00 am & 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • August 10th: Schedule Pick-Up 9:00 am - 12:00 pm & 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • August 11th: Freshman Orientation and Ice Cream Social
  • August 17th: Freshman 1st Day of School
  • August 18th: 10th - 12th grade 1st Day of School
  • August 31st: Meet the Teacher

**You will receive more information on all these events in the coming weeks.


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What The Teachers are Saying

See what the teachers are saying about the TWHS May Cardinals of the Month.

The 3Rs - Cardinal Expectations at TWHS

There are three general behavior expectations at Thomas Worthington High School: build Relationships, show Respect, and be Responsible.

We define build Relationships as “to cultivate belonging”. It is our goal that 100% of our students feel connected to at least one adult that they trust enough to go to when they really need it. From our morning greeting as each student enters the building, to each teacher connecting with each student, to our Wednesday homeroom lessons, we strive to create an environment that is so welcoming - all are inspired to learn.

We define show Respect as “use appropriate language”. We work towards being mindful of the words we speak and the immense power they have on ourselves and others. We learn that the words we say, along with the time, setting, and location have an impact on others.

We define be Responsible as “to attend and be on time to class”. We are intentional about the value of showing up, being on time, and being present for ourselves and others.

Recognition of Others

Would you like to recognize the positive impact that a staff member or another student has had on your child? The PBIS team would like to give you that opportunity. Please take two minutes to complete this recognition form. Thank you!

Securly Notifications

Dear Worthington Schools Parents,

Worthington Schools is proud of all students, families and staff for making year one of our initiatives to provide a Chromebook to every student a success. We appreciate everyone's openness and flexibility as we all adjusted to this new instructional model.

Heading into summer break, students who have been issued a Chromebook will keep the device over the summer break. Students who will be 9th graders next year will swap their devices out at the start of next school year for a new one while everyone else will keep their devices, even over breaks.

Securly Alerts

Worthington Schools will keep the Securly parent accounts active over the summer to allow parents to determine the appropriate filtering level. Worthington Schools will not be monitoring alerts over the summer, so we encourage parents to leverage the Securly Home App to monitor usage and enable alerts. More information can be found here: How to use the Securly Home App. Enabling the app and turning alerts on will allow you to receive alerts over the summer break.

Securly Parent Features

The Securly Home app has the ability for parents to:

  • View your student’s activity feed

  • View and enable alerts for flagged activity

  • Manage allow and block rules

  • Set an offline schedules

  • Pause Internet (New Feature)

Please note that not all of these capabilities are available if you access Seculry through the web portal. These features are specific to the Securly Home app. Also, if your student's Chromebook is not in use and there is no information to report, Securly will not send the weekly email. We will plan on turning the notification to the school officials back on beginning August 19.

We take student safety very seriously and online safety is part of the overall approach. If you have questions or comments please feel free to email me at Or if you need specific support from Securly you can access their parent support site here or contact them at or


Jeff Collett

Chief Technology Office

Worthington Schools

Senior Graduation Survey - Final Transcript

Dear Seniors,

To ensure your final transcript reaches your final college destination, please complete this BRIEF SURVEY so we know which college you have chosen to attend. Your final transcript will be sent after graduation to reflect your diploma date and second semester grades. This survey should be completed by June 1 and only list ONE college destination. This is MANDATORY for all college-bound seniors.

Thank you!

Order Your Yearbook Now!

Time is running out! Say congratulations to the end of the year with a Yearbook!

Click HERE for more information and to place your order.


TWHS Spirit Wear Store is Open

Do you need spirit wear or athletic gear with the new TWHS logo? Please visit the link below to order! There is an added incentive for ordering $70.

Thomas Worthington Athletic Gear

Order today!


Attention 11th Grade Parents/Guardians: Important Immunization Information for Senior Year

Ohio Law (ORC 3313.671) now requires all 12th grade students to receive two (2) doses of the Meningococcal vaccine. If the first dose was given after the 16th birthday, only one dose is required. Meningococcal vaccine helps protect against meningitis, a bacterial infection that affects the spinal fluid and lining of the brain.

Your child may have already had these immunizations. Please check with your child’s doctor to determine if they have been completed. If they have not, immunizations may be obtained from your doctor, at the health department, or at any urgent care center. Please have your child drop off the updated record in the TWHS Health Office as soon as possible, or it can be faxed directly to TWHS (Fax 614-450-6393). The required immunizations (or a valid exemption) must be obtained prior to the start of the senior year. Ohio law allows schools to exclude students who do not have the appropriate documentation on file.

Please go to Ohio Department of Health's website or contact Julie Frank, TWHS School Nurse, at if you have questions. BEAT THE SUMMER RUSH AND HAVE YOUR CHILD IMMUNIZED NOW!

TWHS School Calendar

Click on TWHS School Calendar to access the TWHS website calendar

August 9: Schedule Pick-Up

August 10: Schedule Pick-Up

August 11: Freshman Orientation & Ice Cream Social

August 17: Freshman 1st Day of School

August 18: 10th -12th grade 1st Day of Class

August 31: Meet the Teacher

Thomas Worthington High School



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