DATA Library Lighthouse

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Books Due Week of 12/14:

Sheldon - Tues., 1/12

Classes Scheduled This Week:

Campbell - Wed., 1/10, p. 3

Check the DATA Library Calendar on our library web site. The Request Library Time link is now up and running.

***********It's Friday...Check It Out**********

Starting after winter break, we will be testing out "Checkout Fridays." You'll be welcome to send your students up any time during class to checkout books. You can send up to 5 students at a time (with a pass), no need to call ahead. If we will be out of the library or if we have an event in there, I'll send out an email.

(It's so great to have Kimberly in here full-time!)

The Library 411

Netbook News

Saving Big Projects

As we come to the end of the semester, please remind to have your students store big projects on their Z drives or somewhere in in the cloud.

Lighthouse Readers

If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for reading the Lighthouse, email me with the phrase: The Lighthouse illuminates my soul.

Tech Tuesday - ID Tag Checks

Send 'em on up during Home Room if they need Netbook tags!