Civil War Scrapbook


1860 April 10th

The year is 1860 and the date is April 10th and my dad just got home from work. Mom is cooking stew and I am drawing on the table next to mom. I was sketching a picture of my trials, my hobby all I want to do is be alone on those trails. Dad has a somber look on his face. “What happened” mom asks “Tim died” he says Tim was my Uncle. “Oh no what happened”

Dad replies “he got sick and did not make it.”. “Where is Henry” I asked “He is out getting food” mom said. Henry is a slave who helps around the house. I am gonna go I said. Where I went is where none of my friends except one has ever been. Well I only have one friend I am homeschooled. I found secrete trails about 2 years back and I hike them every day. Every day I go a little further. Once my sister followed me and right before I went on the trail I sent her home so she would not know where I go. This is a drawing of my trails.

April 12 1861

It was April 12 1861 and my family, Henry and I went to my grandparents house to see this “big battle” in Manassas. But really it is just gonna be two sides realizing that that this is stupid and they are going to sign a treaty. So we went to see this so called battle. And my grandpa the owner of a plantation got us a camera and we took a picture of all of us it was cool because that was the first picture I have ever taken. And ended running for our lives once the battle began. Now back at Grandpa's plantation dad is worried that their will be a draft. And mom is so mad because there is a civil war. So mad she even saying we might have to move up north. And just like that 2 weeks later we were on the road to Philadelphia! This is a drawing of my parents that I drew.

December 22nd 1862

December 22nd 1862, and my dad was drafted to the war three weeks ago and we are so worried about him. But on the plus side the emancipation proclamation is a good thing. Lincoln is taking pride and ownership and so henry can reach his full potential. We are going through a tough time at the house mainly because dad is gone and because I have nothing to do now that we moved I have know where to play. This is a sketch of my new house, well it is actually a bunch of smaller houses stacked or placed next to each other.

August 2nd 1863

August 2nd 1863, and live is going good dad sent us a letter from the war saying he is alright. Although he did only have one are and a crutch he is alright. They had just fought the battle of vicksburg. Witch me and the rest of my family are happy about because we want america to stay together. And in order for that to happen the union needs to win the war. Also I have found a trail that leads straight to a waterfall that I can hike on and swim now! The waterfall is beautiful with clear water and sand it is the perfect paradise.

August 20th 1865

August 20th 1865.The end of the war is upon us. The north just won the war! We are happy because we get the the south to join the US again. We are happy and are waiting for dad to return. It has been 12 days and he is still not home, we are starting to think he will never return. I was out on my trail and I saw a rattlesnake it was scary so I ran home. Henry and I were hiking one day and he said that he I he was freed that he would have to leave and get a life outside of being a slave.

January 25th 1866

January 25th 1866 and it just so happens that dad did never come home. His friend from the war who also lived in Philly came and sent his love and prays to our family. It was hard to admit he was gone. I did not leave my room only to go to school downstairs. I did not walk or anything just sat their morning over my lose. That was my family did that is what every family did if they lost a loved one to the war. My mom thinks that the 10% plan is being too soft on the south. But, I think that we should forgive and forget like Grant said they are our countrymen now. This is from a newspaper article that I tore out and put in my scrapbook.