Cell phones

Do Kids Need Cell Phones?


On April 3, 1973 Motorola engineer (Martin Cooper) made the very first cellphone call in New York. The brick-like device weighed more than a kilogram, that measured 25-centimeters long and had a 20-minutes battery life. It took about 10 hours to charge all the way to be a full life again.

Opposing view point(s):

Many people think kids should not be allowed to have cell phones because of the many problems they cause, such as bullying, being inappropriate behavior.

Thesis Statement (what sides are you taking?):

However, cell phones are a helpful and necessary tool for kids today.

Why do we kids need cell phones?

  • In July of 2012 study, that 56% of the parents of children ages 8 to 12 they have given their child a cell phone. The percentage goes up as long as the ages.
  • They study, by (ORC) International for the National Consumers League (NCL), it basically proves what many people assume: many kids, if not most, already have their own phones.
  • According to a recent YouthBeat test/survey, 12 is the magical number. It's the most common age for all kids to start getting their first cell phone.

Why are cell phones important to kids?

  • Adults say it is understandably a serious debate on whether or not kids should have cell phones on at school.
  • There are a family plans that you can get through your phone company. You will pay cheaper than you would without the family plan.
  • You can get unlimited text & calling if your mom or dad allow you to get that.

Should kids use cell phones?

  • Should there be a limit on a cell phone.
  • Kids should be responsible when using a phone.
  • Kids should learn to use a cell phone the right way.