In With the NEW!

New Year, New Styles!

What's Your Resolution?

About this time last year I was caring for my ill mother full-time and had just met this big guy from Savannah, GA who seemed pretty interesting... My resolution was to have something FUN for myself. I filled that resolution partly by joining Stella & Dot. And joining Stella & Dot is probably the second best decision I made in 2015 (the first was deciding to marry that big guy from Savannah - wedding next October!)

Maybe your resolution is to make more money. Maybe it's to feel more "put together" with your look. Maybe it's to spend more time with girlfriends. The sign-up special I joined under last year is back, starting now and through January. Please ask me about it - it's a supportive group that works to see each other succeed. I'd love to help you fulfill your resolution!

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Resolve to Bling!

I can't tell you how often someone tells me, "I really need to get some new jewelry because I always wear the same thing!" or, "I don't know how to wear jewelry so I just don't." Guess who would be happy to help you bling it out? Our hostess rewards are souped-up for January too! *AND* if you schedule your style happy hour for January or February BY JAN 5, I will gift you my earned Dot Dollars to spend through January 5 (spend $100 and get $50 off!)
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Swooning over Spring

Our new launch premiered to our stylist community last night, and - y'all... SWOON!!! New layering pieces with crazy versatility! Inspiration from MOROCCO and BALI! And - Lord give me strength - TASSELS! Seriously. You want in on these new pieces. Let's get together for a pop of color during the gray days of winter - line is available starting January 12!