Doris Wohlfarth

By Shakietta

About Doris Wohlfarth

Doris was born on October 28,1937 in the great Amsterdam Holland she was a great little girl she BELIVED in herself and she love herself and others. Her mom and dad had some good jobs, but her dad was out of work for a while and her mom was the owner of a small mall her mom was doing good to be the only one bring in the food and money.

What happen to Doris Wohlfarth after the Holocaust

When Doris was 8 years old when she went back she didn't know her mother, but before all this happen I think Doris was the first person to survive the Holocaust. The way she did that she BELIVED in herself and she love herself.But when all of that was over she came out she did not know who her mother was. She forgot how her mother looked, because she was in that room all that time.