On the Far Side of the Mountain

by: Jean Craighead George

Caden Anderson Block 4

Sam Gribley

Sam is the protagonist in the novel. Sam loves nature, and he is a well behaved young man. He lives in the Catskill Mountians in a tree. He has a pet falcon named Frightful and she catches some of Sam's food. Sam will do anythig for Frightful.

Alice Gribley

Alice is Sam's sister. Alice is a supporting character. She wants to live in the wild with Sam, and she builds a treehouse so she can. Alice is a tom boy and an animal loving girl. She has a pet pig named Crystal.


Bando is a supporting character. Bando is a professor at a nearby college. He comes and visits with Sam and Alice sometimes. Bando is an adult so he helps Sam and Alice to build new things.


The setting takes place in the Catskill Mountains. The affect on Sam is that Sam loves it here and all of this was in the past. Sam and Alice live here and it is amazing.


The theme of this book is that when you're going on a trip through nature you need to be smart and know what you're doing.


Frightful is not just a pet. She is a symbol of freedom and grace. When you see her flying you see she is reminding you of what it is like to have freedom.

Book Recommendation

I recommend this book because it tells a story about caring and survival. I love this book becuase Sam is like me. This book was written in 1990 so it has some weird words and descriptions. He loves nature and is wild. This book is a sequel but this one and the first one are awesome. I don't think there is a better book about animals and nature than this one.This is a great book and it is easy to follow. I think if you read this book you will love it.