the flawed hero and the anti-hero

Flawed Hero

Macbeth has many character traits that lead him to be a flawed hero. One that causes him to do things that he wouldn’t do on his own is that he is very easily influenced, especially by his sick-minded wife. One would wonder why he could be so influenced as to killing his own cousin, but since he was so power hungry his ambition got the best of him. Being influenced into killing Banquo started his downfall and bad just kept rolling after that. The reason he ended up dead is that his tragic flaw of being and easily influenced power hungry animal caused him to be unable to stop himself once the influence of his wife took over his conscience.


Anti-heroes are not what they sound like. One would think that it is just the opposite of the hero, the villain, but in reality they are very heroic. A common example is Katniss in the Hunger Games. She is the anti-hero because she is the protagonist of the story, but she has to do some bad things to people in charge for the betterment of the people in her district. Society is wrecked in the movie and people are brainwashed into believing that the government is in control even though they are actually living in a dystopian society. Katniss takes it upon herself to act out against the government and take a stand for her people. The government fought back by trying to kill Katniss with different tactics like poisonous wasps, wild dogs, and even other human beings. Katniss has a strong heart and a strong will to live, so the government is not successful in taking her down. Yet.