Babe Ruth! Upcoming Baseball Star!

Babe Ruth, Nicknamed "The Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat", he began his career as a stellar left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, but is now in new York with the Yankees, slugging homeruns and playing exceptional outfield.

In his Years With the Red Sox, Babe won 3 titles. 1916,1917 and 1919. Now with the Yankees, he's won 4. Back to the Red Sox. In the 1919 season, Babe Ruth lead the regular season homerun stats with 29. in that same year he picked up the World Series win with pitching 13 innings without a single hit.

Babe is an excellent athlete. The Yankees plan to keep him until he retires in his career. Babe continues to break records (sometimes even his own). Babe hopes for another championship with the Yankees and an awesome career to come!

Al Capone, The Real Gangster.

Al Capone, Maybe the most famous gangster to this day, has gone into hiding. There are reports that supposedly say that detectives have been looking in Canada, The U.S. and even in Italy due to former deals with his "people". Nobody knows why Capone has gone into hiding.

There is former information given by a family "friend", that Capone was in a bootlegging deal that went horribly wrong for Al Capone. In the deal, nearby police were hiding out. Not knowing this, Capone went through with the deal. To this day bootlegging in Chicago is highly illegal.

When Capone finally realized that the deal was being watched, Capone acted sharply. Escaping the so called dealers, Capone raced away in his car with the couple of his highly ranked men. The car hasn't been found yet, and neither has been Capone.

Vehicles Unsafe?