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The Sixth Grade Newsletter

This newsletter provides information on activities and concerns of sixth grade students and teachers. For more detailed information on individual subject areas, please refer to the teacher's School Fusion page, linked beneath their picture below. For information on school wide events and initiatives, please visit the Pennington homepage. If you have a question or concern, please email us directly using the information below.

Mr. Anderson - Language Arts

We will continue novel reading groups next week. The kids have really done well falling into routine with these groups. Some students have been assigned rewrites for the descriptive piece they wrote in class. Please, review the Rewrite directions on School Fusion under the "Writing" folder before submitting anything. All final drafts are due December 11, 2015. I encourage early submission so that I can provide feedback and develop the work with the student before the final due date.

Ms. Bosse - Math

Math 6 & Extended 6- We are still working on Multiplying Fractions. We have fractions multiplied by fractions, and fractions multiplied by whole numbers mastered. We will continue to practice mixed numbers times mixed numbers and quiz on that the end of the block on Monday. We will then move into Dividing Fractions and plan to test on Tuesday, December 15th. Before our winter break we are doing an interdisciplinary unit on Explorer's. The math portion- A Ship Project- will be worked on December 10th and 11th.

Mr. Cardone - Social Studies

We will continue our Explorer’s unit by examining the interactions between the Native Americans and the European explorers, both positive and negative. We will also begin our portion of the interdisciplinary unit by creating maps using a website called Scribblemaps and explorer trading cards. If you were selected to be a chaperone for the Jamestown trip, please send in your $25 as soon as possible.

Mr. Cardone - Science

Next week we will apply what the students have learned about potential and kinetic energy to energy transformations and the role the sun plays in energy formation. There will be a quiz on Thursday on the forms of energy.

Introduction to World Languages – 6th grade – 18 weeks

The six grade students will continue to present their Spanish countries celebrations projects in class. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. ¡Hasta pronto!

Señora Lowe

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Donors Choose - Support Needed

Creating Lego movies with an iPad, Lego's and Brictek is not just promoting technology skills; it is the blending of cross curricular objectives while it includes problem-based learning, inquiry/discovery methods, role-play, simulation, and cooperative learning. To many of our ESOL students, speaking English is difficult, but playing with Lego's has its own universal language. Creating animations allows students to convey an idea, concept, or thought in a way that words can't.

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