The Great Depression

Melissa Pieklo


The Great Depression was an era where the economy was critically low. After the Roaring Twenties ,and the soldiers returning from World War 1, unemployment rates sky rocketed. Mass Production and industrialization also had an influence on this econimic disaster. Many banks' trust systems were questioned by the people while their stocks and money were dropping. President Roosevelt wanted to change what was happening to America. He created the New Deal which ensured jobs for the public, expanded fthe federal government, and created social security.

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"The only thing we have to fear; is fear itself" - Franklin Roosevelt

Time Line;

October 1929- Stock markets crash, making over $30 billion dollars disappear by mid- November

September 1933- Roosevelt establishes the New Deal; employing thousands of people and slowly recovering the economy

April 1935- FDR created the Works Progress Administration which employed 8.5 million more people, the WPA was existent until 1943

Key Person; President Roosevelt

Electing the president during the depths of the economic failure, Roosevelt helped the citizens restore faith in their government. Elected in 1932, there were at least 13,000,000 unemployed and almost every bank foreclosed. After creating the New Deal, many people were frightened of what the outcome could have been, starting to rebel against the New Deal, Roosevelt created Social Security. To this day, we still depend of Social Security. Franklin Roosevelt created a secure foundation for America to fall back upon.

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